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CCM: About
CCM Village on the University of Cincinnati campus.

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CCM Administrative Offices

MEH - Mary Emery Hall
CC - Corbett Center for the Performing Arts
DVAC - Dieterle Vocal Arts Center
MEM - Memorial Hall
BLE - Blegen Library

Office Phone Building Room #
Office of the Dean 556-3737    
Peter Landgren, Dean   MEH 4255B
Jane Whipple, Assistant To   MEH 4255C
Academic Affairs 556-9470    
Terrell Finney, Associate Dean
and Director of Graduate Studies
  MEH 3235B
Tondra Holt, Assistant To
  MEH 3235C
Admissions and Student Services      
Paul Hillner, Assistant Dean 556-9478 MEH 3245D
Andrea M. Fitzgerald, Manager of Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships 556-9479 MEH 3245B
Kathryn Zajac, Admissions Officer
556-9403 MEH 3245C
Kandice Odister, Graduate Admissions 556-9478 MEH 3245E
CCM Tribunal   MEH 5218
Box Office 556-4183    
Jeanne Rose, Box Office Manager 556-9443 CC 3885A
CCM Box Office/24-Hour Concert Line 556-4183    
Business Affairs 556-9406    
Diane White, Director of Business Affairs 556-9406 MEH 4255L
Cassandra Wittwer, Human Resources/Financial Administrator
556-9458 MEH 4231B
Career Services 556-9481    
Kristin Suess, Director
556-9481 MEH 3235
College Office 556-9471    
Patricia Rencher, Coordinator, Academic Advisor
556-9473 MEH 3235
Susmita Saha, Academic Advisor 556-9500 MEH 3235
Trina Williams, Administrative Secretary II
556-9475 MEH 3235
External Relations, Development & Alumni Affairs 556-2100    
Beth Dochinger, Senior Director of Development and External Relations 556-4441 MEH 4255
Karen Tully, Director Of Development and External Relations 556-3142 MEH 4255
Judith Hoff, Development Secretary  556-2596 MEH 4255
Graduate Assistant 556-3740 MEH 4255
Facilities and Performance Services 556-9429    
John McDonagh, Director   CC 3820D
Library 556-1970    
Mark Palkovic, Head Librarian 556-1964 BLE 600
Paul Cauthen, Music Cataloger 556-1965 BLE 600
Sharon Downing, Cataloging Assistant 556-1963 BLE 600
David Sandor, Circulation Supervisor 556-1510 BLE 600
Mail and Duplication 556-9413    
Jody York, Supervisor   MEH 3110
Performance Management 556-9460    
Rayburn Dobson, Jr., Senior Director of Performance Operations 556-9460 CC 3820
Yvonne Becknell, Administrative Secretary II  556-9460 CC 3820A
Piano Technicians 556-9565    
Eric Wolfley, Director, Piano Services   CC 1470
Rebekah Wortman, Piano Technician, Piano Services   CC 1470
Preparatory Department 556-2595    
Amy Dennison, Assistant Dean 
556-9466 CC 3860A
Dennis Murphy, Office Manager 556-2595 CC 3732
Public Relations Office 556-2683    
Curt Whitacre, Public Information Officer
Kiley Brodeur, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator 556-2675 CC 3840A
Graduate Assistant
556-9487 CC 3840
Recording Services 556-9437    
Cris Davis, Director   CC 3845
Scheduling Services 556-9430    
    CC 3820C
Streaming Media 556-8336    
Kent Meloy, Manager
556-9494 MEH 3200B
Main Office
556-8336 MEH 3140B
Summer Programs (Spoleto) 556-9198    
Sara Danner-Dukic, Program Manager 556-5662 DVAC 119
Joan McLean, Financial Administrator 556-9198 DVAC 119
Systems Development 556-6806    
Jorin Edgerly, Computer Systems Coordinator    MEH 3115
Clarence Brown, Equipment App Specialist   MEH 3101A
Computer Lab/Help Desk 556-6806 MEH 3207

CCM Faculty Directory

University mail location codes and fax numbers for each individual can be found using the UC Faculty/Staff Directory.