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CCM Village on the University of Cincinnati campus. Photo by Jay Yocis.

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Clifford F. Adams

Title: Assistant Professor of Music
Office: 5218 Emery Hall
Tel: 859-341-0628

Cliff Adams is a professional musician, composer, songwriter and educator. Originally recruited to teach History of Rock and Roll, he has helped expand the popular music curriculum to include courses in country music, blues and other genres; as a result, CCM now offers a full range of online and classroom instruction in popular music.

Adams is a CCM alumnus who earned a degree in Music Theory. He has been a professional musician for more than 30 years, performing in Jazz, Rock, Pop and Country ensembles as a singer, keyboard, and guitar player. He has composed pop and country music for radio, television and film. In addition, he has performed on television and produced pop records.

Adams contributed an article to David Flitner’s collection Less Noise, More Soul: The Search for Balance in the Art, Technology, and Commerce of Music (Hal Leonard, 2013). He teaches select students in guitar and piano, and he is involved with charitable events (such as Suits that Rock) that support the arts. He also still performs occasionally with pop and rock acts throughout Greater Cincinnati.


  • BM, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM).