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CCM: About
CCM Village on the University of Cincinnati campus.

Mary Emery Hall

Mary Emery Hall

Completed in September 1999, Mary Emery Hall is CCM's central administrative and instructional space, as well as the home for the college's impressive electronic media facilities. 

Facilities include:

  • College and administrative offices
  • Expanded classroom and teaching studio facilities, including two large master classrooms
  • The Walter and Marilyn Bartlett Television Production Center, consisting of a full multi-camera television studio and control room 
  • The Lawrence A. Leser Newsroom equipped with a Comprompter ENR system
  • The J. Ralph Corbett Audio Production Center with audio recording studio
  • The Judy and Jim Van Cleave Multimedia Laboratory
  • The Jack and Joan Strader Radio Center, a closed circuit cable radio station, a teleconferencing facility and the TV Cable Channel 4
  • Electronic piano lab with 28 pianos
  • Early Music and World Music lab
  • Division offices for electronic mediacomposition, musicology and theory; and music education
  • Internet-ready classrooms
  • Faculty offices
  • Starbucks
In addition Mary Emery Hall houses:
Robert J. Werner Recital Hall

Robert J. Werner Recital Hall
This 250-seat recital hall serves as a performance and rehearsal space for chamber music, ensemble and recital performances. This intimate, comfortable hall supports activities at CCM ranging from faculty artist and student recitals to appearances by distinguished visiting artists and ensembles.

Gorno Memorial Music Library
Located in the Carl Blegen Library adjacent to the CCM Village, the Gorno Memorial Music Library has a permanent collection approaching 130,000 volumes.