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CCM Hosts National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy Forum in August

National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy Forum

In 2000, the National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy (GP3) Forum launched its first meeting at CCM as a grassroots forum with an emphasis on the practical aspects of teaching. Over a decade later, GP3 comes home to CCM Village this summer.

The forum provides an excellent opportunity for CCM alumni to reunite and share their experiences post-graduation!

Co-sponsored by the Musical Teachers National Association (MTNA), this year’s forum, “Beyond the Degree: Real World Teaching,” runs August 1 and 2 at CCM.

GP3’s long history began over 10 years ago in Norman, Oklahoma, when several pedagogues including Barbara Fast, Laura Williamson, Andrew Hisey and CCM Professor of Piano Michelle Conda lamented the loss of the National Group Piano Conference and wanted to offer an alternative. Out of this gathering of voices, GP3 was created.

GP3 Professional Development

In 2006, GP3 partnered with MTNA, allowing both groups to meet the specific needs of group piano and piano pedagogy professors in a practical way. GP3 encourages professors to share day-to-day teaching experiences, discuss the direction of the field of teaching and its affect on professional development, program initiatives and teacher training, and plan how to contribute to the progression of group piano and piano pedagogy now and in the future.

MTNA provides programmatic, financial and administrative support while the GP3 committee determines the missions, focus, purpose, program and location of each year’s forum. Together, they work towards a common goal of sharing experiences of the love of piano and pedagogy.

View the full schedule and learn more about GP3 2014 by visiting