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Student Roll Call

We want to hear from you!  Why are you in E-Media?  What's your career plan?  Tell us at this link!


This page is for articles by E-Media students on any topic of interest.  Add your story to the list.

UC Calendars

Need to know a deadline for dropping a class?  Final exam schedule?  Days UC is closed?  It's all here.


E-Media Advisors

Need help from a member of the faculty?  Students can find out their faculty advisor at this link.

Library Info

Need to find information in UC libraries?  Here's a handy link to the full array of library resources. 


Links to all the forms you will need - Capstone, Independent Study, Internships, etc.



Hands-On Learning

Need more information about the internship programs you can take advantage of?  It's all here.

Tech Resources

See a full list of resources made available to E-Media students, including labs and training.

Class List

See the class list and find your classroom!

We hope you will find all the above links helpful.  Didn't find what you are looking for?  Contact us at 513-556-9488 or