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NBS members in New York

Your work in the Electronic Media Division will not be confined to the classroom.  Many of your classes will take you into the community, often with your camera or audio recorder--always with your charm, intelligence and expertise!

If you want to make the most of your years in E-Media, you’ll get involved in at least one of our campus organizations. Most of our groups travel. The photo above shows Professor Peter DePietro and E-Media students as they took a break from the National Broadcasting Society’s 2009 conference to take a walking tour of lower Manhatten.

  • Read more about our award-winning NBS chapter.
  • You can find out more about our internet radio station, Bearcast and students who run it.
  • And we have an active group of students interested in audio recording who have formed a chapter of a group called MEISA.
  • Newly formed CAC brings real world experience to aspiring film makers.

Activities of all of these groups will be announced as plans are made.  Get involved and help make these plans.

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