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Semester Conversion


Beginning in the fall quarter of 2012, students noticed a lot had changed about the program. Some classes had been consolidated, combining theory and practice into one course, while other completely new classes were introduced.

The freshman class is required to take two new media-based classes, Media in Your Life and Integrated Media Production.

Media in Your Life was combined with material from E-Media classes: History of E-Media, Introduction to E-Media, and Research and Resources. While Integrated Media Production is an expanded version of Digital Core.

Student Media Practicum is a new class that requires students to join groups such as Bearcast.

In a move to familiarize students will all E-Media has to offer, sophomores are required to take an audio, media writing and video class. Each of these classes  impart material from current theory courses, which can be further explored during their junior year.

Juniors are then required to take Law and Issues and Ethics, allowing seniors to work on their internships and capstone project.

A new senior-level class is Studio CCM, a class that will allow for collaboration between E-Media and the performance aspects of CCM. CCM's national and international reputation is in music and performing arts, and we want to be a part of that.

Even though a lot has changed, it should be noted that the E-Media program continues to balance its curriculum with liberal and fine arts requirements. But don't expect requirements in the arts to be as specific as they were.

The goal since the conversion is to require students to carry a minor of their choice. This decision will be the determining factor in what liberal/fine arts courses need to be taken.  It's important that the students have a broad education in something more than media skills. Requiring a minor will add to the students' flexibility, making them more employable in the future.


Written by Sarah Sachs

An Articulation Agreement between E-Media and Raymond Walters College has opened up new opportunities for students in both programs.

Read the Articulation Agreement.

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Media In Your Life

Integrated Media Production 1 and 2

Digital Audio Productions

Writing for Media

Advanced News Production

Studio CCM