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E-Media Faculty

Faculty and Staff

The Electronic Media Division has seven full-time faculty members with expertise and experience in the various areas that make up the media universe. We are supported by an excellent staff and a strong team of adjunct instructors.

You can read more about each of us on the individual pages, which also includes our contact information.

Technology Distractions: Former E-Media Profs Weigh In

E-Media’s former professors have different takes on technology distractions in the classroom. E-Media senior Chris Furgason talked with Professors Raul Barcelona and Jane Friedman about the issue.

Watch the discussion.

A Week In Hollywood

Casey Welling interviews Kevin Burke about spending a week in Los Angeles and his inside look at the television business.

Watch the interview.

Reality TV: For Better or For Worse?

Former Division Head and Associated Professor Marjorie Fox and the new Division Head and Associate Professor Dr. John Owens discussed the pros and cons of reality television programs.

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