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20/20 Award Winners for 2013

20-20 Award Winners

Eleven outstanding E-Media students and recent graduates are the recipients of this year’s 20/20 Awards.

The awards have a monetary value of more than $35,000 and most of them have an experience component that is more valuable than cash.

This years winners are:

Woodrow Goldsmith
and Elizabeth Matijasic: POSSIBLE Production Internships           $5,200+

Jeremiah Kirby:
ONESIGHT Story Teller Internship, $5,000+  (new award)

Tim Neumann:
CCM Summer Arts Award, $4,000

Stephen Dickman:
Ticket to LA, $3,000   

Amira Mabjish
: I’ll Take Manhattan, $3,000  (new award)

Michael Schulz:
WLWT Hearst Internship, $2,500

Stephanie Bowman:
Strader Outstanding Senior Award, $2,500

Josh Lehenbauer:
Michael & Patricia Schiff Scholarship, $2,500    

Dan Marque:
Strader Radio/Audio Production Award,    $1000

Keith Forney:
Radio TV Alumni Award,  $750

The award winners and their parents will be honored at a reception on April 16.

Division Head Marjorie Fox said there were many other fine applicants for the 20/20 awards and the faculty is sorry that everyone couldn’t be a winner.

She thanked the alumni, friends, and companies or organizations for their ongoing funding of these opportunities for our students.

Posted April 1, 2013