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Blake Hawk

Student Spotlight: Blake Hawk

Most students choose one or two fields in the Electronic Media program to concentrate on, but not Blake Hawk – he has studied video production, audio production, broadcast journalism, and web design, and has put these skills to use in a professional environment.

Blake comes from Loveland, Ohio and is a junior at UC. He and his photography teacher created the first video production and broadcast news class at Loveland High School. He has been involved with the News Record at UC since 2009.  He has had many out of school experiences with what he has learned in school.

He has worked with web design for Professor Raul Barcelona’s documentary film Don’t Even Think of Parking Here, and has created the website for Hybrid Image Tattoo and Body Piercing. He has made informational videos and video brochures for Huff Realty and Big Daddy Walker Productions. He has produced a local TV commercial for Harris Automotive. He has also been a wedding videographer/photographer, created music videos for local musicians, and scoring/music for local filmmakers.

I had the chance to personally work with Blake in a class we took over summer with Professor Kevin Burke – Post Production I. He was enrolled in this class as well as Narrative Video Production, which worked hand in hand.  He was the writer of the script and on the production team in one class, and did post production editing in the other class. He used his knowledge to put together one cohesive piece including video, sound, and design.

Blake's roommate, Christopher Dierkens, says, “No matter what obstacles are thrown his way, he always gets through them. No matter what he has going on, he’ll achieve his goal by the end of the day. Period.”

Blake hopes to intern at a film studio in Los Angeles next summer. He eventually wants to write and direct films, but first wants to get his hands on any part of film production in LA. He plans to continue his education to obtain his masters degree in California.

Written by Jaclyn Martini, October 2011