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Special Spring Quarter Classes

An exciting new course with an ad agency and a real client, the great production opportunities in senior project, a documentary focus for Uptown, and the chance to participate in an innovative collaboration with CCM’s Opera Department are options for E-Media students spring quarter.

·         Dr. John Owens is teaming with executives from Empower MediaMarketing in a class that will give juniors and seniors the chance to work on the creation of an advertising campaign for one of Empower’s clients. Special Topics: Empower meets 8-9:20 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Enrollment is by permission of instructor.

            Interested students must attend one of the informational sessions about this opportunity.

            Friday, January 27, 9 a.m. Room E3211, or

            Tuesday, January 31, 4 p.m. Room 3244


·         Professor Kevin Burke is accepting proposals for his popular Senior Project class and for Post Production II on or before March 1.   Admission to these classes is by permission of instructor.  The senior project proposals must come from each production team.  Productions can be video narratives, documentaries, music videos or others.  Post II meets Monday and Wednesday 10-11:50; Senior Project meets Monday and Wednesday noon-1:50.

            The productions will be shown at the Senior Showcase at the end of the  quarter before an audience of students, faculty, family and friends.


·         Professor Raul Barcelona will focus on documentary production in the spring quarter class, Uptown.  The course will teach students to create compelling stories in which real people are the characters and real life is the plot.  Through analysis of notable documentaries and hands-on work, students will explore different story-telling approaches and techniques, bringing them to an understanding of the power of the genre.  Uptown meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4:50 p.m.  Students must have completed Digital Sight Sound and Motion to enroll.  If students have not had DSSM, they must have a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro and permission of the instructor.


·         Professor Peter DePietro is continuing his work with a select student group who is preparing digital media for the opera department’s spring production of The Rake’s Progress. Work on the project is currently underway in Professor DePietro’s New Media III class and will continue spring quarter in the Producing class. It meets Tuesday and Thursday 5-6:20 p.m. and enrollment is by permission of instructor.

If you want further information on any of these classes, contact the instructor.