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New Division Head Marjorie Fox

Division Head Marjorie Fox

Associate Professor Marjorie Fox takes over in January as the new head of the Electronic Media Division. 

After a career in television news, Professor Fox joined UC in 1989.  She teaches electronic news writing and production, writing for the web, and media ethics. Professor Fox succeeds Dr. Manfred Wolfram, who retired at the end of 2009.

Under CCM and UC rules, a six-person search committee was formed in the fall to select the new division head.  It included three E-Media faculty, one E-Media student, and two CCM faculty from other divisions. The committee made the selection in mid November.

Ms. Fox’s leadership of the division comes as faculty will be making curricular changes to prepare for UC’s conversion to semesters in 2012.

“Every course will be looked at in detail to determine the learning outcomes we’re after and to make sure they create a meaningful flow as a whole. It’s an important exercise to look intentionally at curriculum.

“This is also an opportunity for us to build firmer collaborations with other programs at CCM and across the University”  

The leadership change also comes as the university administration imposes performance-based budgeting, which means each program is charged with increasing its revenue.

“That’s a challenge for us and for everyone else at CCM and across campus” she said.

When asked whether students will notice a change with her at the helm instead of Dr. Wolfram, she said she didn’t know.

“I’m a different person with a different style,” Fox said.  “I am interested in talking with students and others about changes they might want to see." 

And what's on her ipod? "Sixties folk music, rock from the same era, lots of classical, a few show tunes, and NPR's On the Media."

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Written by Joshua Rose, December 2009