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Dr. Owens' First Year as Division Head

Dr. Owens

Dr. John Owens celebrated his one-year anniversary this fall as Division Head of the Electronic Media Divison program.

In addition to his duties managing the division and its employees, this past year Dr. Owens taught Bearcast, Digital Audio Production, Survey of E-Media Advertising, E-Media Sales, E-Media Programming and Media In Your Life.

Dr. Owens’ says he has a lot in store for the future. “We are working on several things to move E-Media forward.  We are collaborating with the Department of Journalism in A&S to seek funding for a collaborative news lab," he says.

Stepping forward with this could take E-Media into the future by offering more interdepartmental courses and transforming our television studio for high quality production of video newscasts.

Dr. Owens has spent more than a decade at the University of Cincinnati but before he arrived here, he:

·     Taught at Western Carolina University

·     Earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama

·     Earned his undergraduate degree is from the University of Kentucky

Students say they think Dr. Owens is doing a good job.

Junior Lindsay Jobst says, “He is truly an expert in his field, and I enjoyed learning from him. He gives his classes the opportunity to interact with one another and participate in class discussions.”

“He has a pretty broad knowledge of the media industry. He's very personable and always willing to talk,” Sophomore Andrew Howsmon says.

Dr. Owens’ has made a great impact in a short amount of time. With the plans he has in place, the program may continue to grow for many years to come.


Written by Claire Gryce


Dr. Owens' Contact information:

Office: 4200A

Phone: 513-556-9493


Spring Semester Office Hours:  Monday 2:00-3:00; Tuesday 10:00-11:00; Wednesday 2:00-3:00; Thursday 10:00-11:00; Friday 2:00-3:00. Or by appointment.