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E-Media seniors to premiere 'Solitude'


Four seniors, Matt Stalf, Cameron Coyan, Joey Meisberger and Alex Huddleson, have been working this semester on their Electronic Media Capstone project, a short film entitled "Solitude", under the supervision Lakshmi N Tirumala.

It will premiere in Mainstreet Cinema at the Tangeman University Center December 9th at 6:30pm.

Synopsis of "Solitude":
After achieving his life goal of working in medical research, Jack Khavo now finds himself in a rut. Jack had always believed that he would be able to make a difference with his job, but as his research comes to a standstill he begins to wonder if he will ever be able to make a meaningful contribution to the field. Now stuck in the same daily routines, Jack struggles to find a new view on his work, until one night he encounters a strange dream that shows him how to move forward. But, will this advance his research or endanger his life?