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E-Media Alumnus wins WCPO Video Contest

Dennis Daniel, a recent graduate from E-Media, has been recognized for his vision of Cincinnati in WCPO's "Through My Eyes" video competition.

The contest was designed to allow everyone to share what they see throughout the Queen City, and awarded prizes in three different categories, General Public, Professional, and Students.

Daniel's "Welcome To CinciNERDi" won in the General Public category, and received a prize of 1,000 dollars.

Daniel's award-winning video can be found here.  His description is as follows;

Cincinnati is known for its' colorful history and proud traditions like Oktoberfest and the Flying Pig Marathon. However, there is a corner of Cincinnati that very few know about. 

A part of the Queen City where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate everything geeky. Animé, video games and costumed beings are only a few things you'll find when you take your first steps into the town of CinciNERDi. 

"Welcome to CinciNERDi" features highlights from Animation & Gaming Convention, a yearly convention that brings together hundreds for a three-day weekend that celebrates the best in video games, animation, and Japanese pop culture. A weekend filled with costumed heroes, a late night rave, and an atmosphere that's fun for even the youngest of fans. 

It just goes to show that everyone, be it a little girl or a man dressed up as Iron Man, has a little nerd in them.