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E-Media Grads Yard on National TV

In late July, 2011, two 2007 Electronic Media grads, Heather Columbro O’Grady and Ryan O'Grady, of Cincinnati had the awesome experience of having a DIY Network show being shot literally in their own back yard… and in their front yard for that matter.

The program featuring Ryan and Heather will be aired May 2, at 9 p.m. on the DIY network.

The show is called Desperate Landscapes, and the premise is to take the 'worst yard on the street as nominated by their distraught neighbors, and to make it the best.' The show is hosted by, contractor, Jason Cameron, who provides his expertise throughout the transformation.

The catch? You have to provide your own friends and family as volunteers for the transformation, which is no easy task, as it has to be completed within one 8-hour workday. Now those are some good friends.

I spoke with Heather about how they came to be on the show.

 “In late February/early March last year, Ryan was looking on the DIY website and noticed that Desperate Landscapes was looking for homeowners in the Cincinnati area. As soon as he saw the listing, we knew we had to apply.”

 And as Heather explains, a yard makeover, for their Pleasant Ridge home, was the very improvement that they had desperately desired.

 "Ryan and I bought our house in 2009, and we did a complete renovation on the inside, but we were slow to complete work on the outside and were only able to do so much at a time. We live on a really beautiful street, but our yard was obviously lacking”

With a show of Internet prowess, and a little bit of luck, they were contacted by the show just a day after they applied.

 “I was sort of making fun of Ryan for wanting to apply, but sure enough, the day after we applied they were emailing me back the next day for more information, and more pictures. We then made a short video upon their request, talking about why we should be chosen and what we would like to have done. Several months later they told us we were officially selected to be on the show."

 It was a scorching day in July of 2011, when they were set to do the episode. Standing ready, with some of their closest friends, the crew of Desperate Landscapes kicked off the day’s work.

 "The experience was amazing! It was one of the hottest days of the year, but with great friends helping, we accomplished a large amount of work in less than 8 hours. At the time I was pregnant, so I wasn't really able to do any work, but it was really nice to be able to sit back and watch all the progress.”

 And while not directly involved in the actual filming of the episode, Ryan and Heather were very familiarized “with the production process and what all went in to producing the show," from their years in EMEDIA.

 When the dust settled, Ryan and Heather were left with the yard that they had always wanted, a truly dramatic transformation. And it couldn’t have come at a more convenient time, as it was only a couple months later that they were greeted with the birth of their first child.



Written by Greg Underhill, posted April 16, 2012