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Professor Fox Retires

Marjorie Fox

The head of the Electronic Media Division is retiring in June after  25 years at UC.

Associate professor Marjorie Fox will retire after serving as a faculty member for 20+ years and division head for three.  She started as an adjunct instructor teaching journalism.

She was hired as an adjunct in 1988 by long-time Division Head Manfred Wolfram.  At the time, Professor Fox had relocated to Cincinnati having left her career as a news producer in Chicago.  She didn’t have plans to becomea professor but was introduced to Dr. Wolfram by a mutual friend, Henry Meyer, the late violinist and CCM professor.

 “I met with Dr. Wolfram and he arranged for me to teach a journalism class as an adjunct and I loved it and I felt that this is what I should be doing,” she said.   She became a visiting assistant professor and then in 1990 was hired for a tenure-track position.

During her tenure she has watched the program grow tremendously from having no computers to the wired and wifi world we’re in today.  She also saw the faculty grow from five full-time members to eight. Ms. Fox says a highlight of her years here was being involved in the planning for the new facilities which opened in 1999.

“Planning the layout of the building was really fun because I have always had an interest in architecture,” said Professor Fox.

Through her years at CCM, Ms. Fox taught an introduction to journalism, broadcast news writing, E-Media writing, media ethics, and Uptown, a news production course.

Uptown was the name of the course and the name of the news feature program our students did for 20 years.  In the 1990s there were few other production electives so we always had 15-20 people enrolled and did six to eight news programs each quarter,” she said.

Many of the former Uptown students have gone on to careers in television news.

Ms. Fox’s news career started in 1969 when she was hired as a TV reporter in Peoria, Illinois. 

“This was when women were hired in the TV news business, and other fields, for the first time,” she recalls. 

“I well remember the dawn of the women’s movement and opening of opportunities to minorities.”

She went on to work as a writer, producer, and executive producer at WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

Professor Fox became division head in January 2010 and spent much of her time managing the semester conversion. She cites her highlights from the past three years as:

·      the successful transfer from quarters to semesters

·      creating the E-Media minor

·      enhancing the growth and involvement of E-Media alumni

·      being here for the beginning of Dean Peter Landgren’s administration

Professor Fox says she’s not certain what she’ll be doing in her retirement but she looks forward to putting together another fulfilling chapter in her life. 

“I know I will miss the students, my UC colleagues, being on campus, and having important responsibilities. But I intend to stay in touch.”

Written by Zachary Muller, April 2013.