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Frosh Enjoy First Quarter in E-Media

Frosh Enjoy First E-Media

Nikita Lewis, Katherine Wernke, and William Wolkoff, freshmen who entered E-Media in September 2011 are ready for more!














Winter break is here!   For the freshmen class, it means more than a holiday; it marks the end of their very first quarter in E-Media.

“It was everything that I hoped it would be and more,” said William Wolkoff, whose specific interest is sports broadcasting and voice acting.

Katherine Wernke, who is also pursuing sports broadcasting, said, “The first quarter that I experienced in E-Media turned out to be a successful one.”

“My first quarter as an E-Media major was fantastic,” said Nikita Lewis, who wants to be a music producer.  “I love all the classes.”

When asked which classes they enjoyed the most, all cited Digital Core as a favorite.  The class is part of the core curriculum and provides a broad look at media software and technology.

“I looked forward to every single class and the projects got my creative juices flowing and really taught me a lot,” Nikita said.

“I liked being introduced to all the various fields of electronic media,” said William, who expressed that it was nice to finally be studying in his area of interest.

During her first quarter in E-Media, Katherine was particularly impressed with the professors.

“I was happily surprised with the attitude of the E-Media professors,” she said, “All of the professors were very personal and seemed truly interested in what I was currently doing, or aiming for, with E-Media.”

All three reflect positively on their decision to study E-Media.

“I look forward to the coming years and quarters where I will be able to explore E-Media further,” Katherine said.

Nikita hopes students see that E-Media is a wonderful program.

“E-Media is a great major,” she said, “and I am so happy I chose it.”


Written by Ellen Brock, December 2011