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Give to E-Media

Give to E-Media

E-Media alumni gathered to honor Dr. Manfred Wolfram upon his retirement in 2009.

The E-Media Division’s need for financial support from alumni and friends has never been greater.

“We’re grateful for the support of so many alumni and friends,” said Division Head Marjorie Fox, “But our students need more people to pitch in so we can offer the benefits we were so proud to offer the benefits we were so proud to offer so many of our students in the past.”

In the past, students benefitted from donations from corporations that provided tens of thousands of dollars over 20 years to support student internships in New York and Los Angeles. Now, due to the state of the economy and changes in the media business these corporations are no longer providing the kind of help they once did.

So at UC and at public universities across the nation, alumni are being asked to give as much as they can.

To continue giving outstanding E-Media students the opportunity to intern in major entertainment centers, the division is hoping to increase the number and size of contributions to the E-Media Discretionary Fund and Ticket to L.A.

The Ticket to L.A. was developed in the spring of 2010 to help an outstanding Los Angeles-bound graduate. Several LA based alumni have already made significant contributions and annual pledges to the fund.

And we're happy to report that Mark Hixenbaugh '11 was the first recipient of the Ticket to LA Award.  Thanks to Lisa Ripley Becker '96, Mark is now working as a production assistant on the popular television show Bones.

The E-Media Discretionary Fund is another way for students to receive financial support. Contributions will be used to support students and new graduates in New York and elsewhere. This fund also helps the division update equipment and meet other needs.

We know most of you are not in the position to give thousands.  But is $100 a year really beyond your reach?  Or $50 a year?

So this holiday season, consider giving back. Donations can be made here. Your contributions will make immeasurable differences in the lives of deserving young people.  They need and deserve a helping hand as they strive to realize their dreams.

If you would like more information on how your contributions can help E-Media, please contact Division Head Marjorie Fox.

Updated November 2011

Written by Sarah Sachs, November 2010