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Global Lens Series

Global Lens Series

CCM and University Libraries are sponsoring screening of award winning  international films this fall. The films will be shown at 6 p.m. in the TUC Main Street Cinema and admission is free.

E-Media students are urged to attend these films whenever they can.

Assistant Professor Lakshmi Tirumala proposed to bring the series to UC and CCM. CCM Dean Peter Landgren and Dean of Libraries Xuemao Wang readily agreed to fund this event.

The Global Film Initiative started in 2003 to act as a channel for students to watch and understand unique, critically acclaimed cinematic narratives from around the world.   Since its inception, the series has provided a platform for exceptional storytelling and a critical dialogue about the diverse world in which we live. The series will help build a better perspective for students about cultures and ethnic regions.

The Global Film Initiative also publishes free, innovative discussion guides and learning resources that explore social, cultural and historical themes introduced by each film.

The series schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, October 2

Modest Reception  A 100 minute film in Farsi/Persian with subtitles in English.   Leila and Kaveh are a mysterious pair from Tehran, traveling the mountainous countryside in their Lexus coupe to push big bags of money on the locals.  This turns out to be not so easy, but fascinating to watch, as the cagey couple invent increasly brazen stratagems to place cash in the hands of the wary, proud or indifferent.

Wednesday, October 9

The Parade  A 115 Minute Film in Serbo-Croatian with subtitles in English

A group of gay activists in Belgrade strikes a tense alliance with Limun, a Servian crime boss, who fiancee demands an extravagant wedding that only struggling gay theater director Mirko and his friends can provide.

Wednesday, October 16

About 111 Girls   A 79 minute film in Farsi/Persian/Kurdish with English subtitles

A government official, carrying a message from Iran's president, travels across Iranian Kurdistan with his driver and a young guide on a mission to stop 111 young Kurdish women from committing suicide in protest against conditions that have left them spinsters.

Wednesday, October 30

Life Kills Me   A 92 minute film in Spanish, with subtitles in English

Life and death come wrapped in a mutual embrace, both absurd and poignant, in this smart comedy about an unlikely friendship between a grieving cinematographer and a morbidly obsessed drifter.

Wednesday, November 6

Cairo 678  A 100 minute film in Arabic with subtitles in English

Three Cariene women from different backgrounds join together in uneasy solidarity to combat the sexual harassment that has impacted each of their lives. 

Wednesday, November 13

Student A 90 minute film in Kazakh and Russian with subtitles in English

A solitary philosophy student steers his directionless life toward the commission of a violet crime, spurred on by postmodern musings and a post-Soviet order characterized by growing inequality, institutional corruption and a ruthless ethic of "eat or be eaten".

Monday, December 2

Southwest   A 128 minutes film in Portuguese with subtitles in English

In this gorgeously dreamlike and mysterious tale, a young woman named Clarice gives birth on her deathbed to a baby girl also christened Clarice by the Bruxa (or witch) attending the nearly simultaneous moments of death and birth.

Wednesday, December 4

Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights   A 65 minute film in Bengali with English subtitles

An 80-year old Kolkata retiree is on a mission to get his neighborhood streetlights turned off after sunrise after he notices they stay on all day as well.  Shyamal Uncle finds his sense of propriety upset by this wasterful expense of electricity.


Written by Tori Roloson, Posted January 9, 2013, Updated October, 2013