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E-Media Grads Win Golden Reel Audio Award

Golden Reel

Chad Bedell and Patrick Ginn are on the left. Brad Beaumont is the guy with the cap.


Three graduates of CCM’s E-Media program won Golden Reel Awards on February 17 in Hollywood.

Brad Beaumont ‘03, Chad Bedell ‘04, and Patrick Ginn ‘05, were on the award winning audio production team for the popular video game Resident Evil 6.

Part of the wildly popular Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 6 was the highly anticipated 6th chapter in the series, which released on October 2, 2012. The game was nominated in the Computer Interactive Entertainment category against some pretty stiff competition. The nominees featured games from the enormously popular Halo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft franchises. 

For 60 years, the Motion Picture Sound Editors organization has been awarding yearly excellence in audio production.

The E-Media graduates were nominated along with 11 other production team members, each receiving their own Golden Reel trophy. Patrick Ginn was one of three sound effect editors, while Brad Beaumont and Chad Bedell were the two sound designers on the cinematic cut scenes within the game.

"Over the past few years, it's been great to see how high the bar has been raised with respect to sound in video games" said Brad.  "We're crafting the sound for these game cinematics with the same level of care and detail that we would for any film or television project; I think having this kind of recognition from peers in the sound community speaks volumes about the kind of work our entire crew is capable of."

This marks Brad’s third Golden Reel win, and his eighth nomination. He had produced sound for other major games such as Gears of War 2, along with Chad, who has now won two Golden Reel awards, with seven nominations. This marks Patrick’s second Golden Reel win, and his third nomination.

Altogether, these three alumni have won seven Golden Reel awards, and racked up 17 nominations. These successful graduates of our program are an inspiration to all current and future E-Media students.

It’s interesting to note that two of the winners are married to E-Media graduates.  Brad Beaumont is married to Shannon Buroker ‘03 and Chad Bedell is married to Kristen Bond ‘04.  Shannon and Kristen also work in the entertainment business.  

There are at least forty other E-Media graduates in our Southern California alumni community who join us in applauding Brad, Chad and Patrick.


Written by Riley Itskin, February 2013