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Alum's Show on MTV

Sara Hillner in Times Square

We generally don’t promote television shows here, but alum Sara Hillner’s enthusiasm about The Buried Life is prompting an exception to that practice.

Sara is the editor of  the new MTV show which premieres at 10 p.m. on January 18.  The Buried Life is about four guys who embark on a journey to cross things off their list of “100 things to do before you die”.  For each item they cross off, they help a stranger with a list item of his or her own.

“This is such an inspirational and positive show for MTV to have,” says Sara. “It makes  helping people look like such a cool thing to do and that’s a message that’s so important for our country’s youth to receive.”

In a message to E-Media faculty, thanking them for their role in her success, Sara said this has been her favorite show to work on since she moved to Los Angeles in 2005.

“I was an editor on the show, then eventually promoted to lead editor and ‘preditor’, producing and editing all episodes at the same time.  For the last six weeks, it was just me, the executive producer, and the four guys on the show locking all eight episodes---definitely a wonderful learning experience.”

Sara says if The Buried Life gets a sizeable audience for the first two episodes, it will be picked up for a second season.

“The show is especially important, because not only is it changing the whole face of the MTV network, but it’s a new genre of show---a spin-off of reality. The term they’re using is the ‘non-reality, reality show’. Basically, that’s code for docu-reality of sorts, not the contrived fake ‘reality’ shows that exist now,” she said.

Okay Sara, here’s to you and the guys. Your fans in E-Media will be watching.

The photo shows Sara with two of "the guys" on Times Square early on New Year's Day. 

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Posted January 15, 2010