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Opportunities at Midpoint Music Festival

Aleks Jovic

Aleks Jovic (2nd left in the front row) pictured here center front with other E-Media Award Winning Students in 2011

The curriculum for the Electronic Media Major in The College-Conservatory of Music at The University of Cincinnati offers a wide range of skills and opportunities for careers in our ever increasingly media-focused world. Sometimes it can be hard for a student to decide which path they've like to head down.

An alumnus who chose the video production path is Aleksandar Jovic, and he's embarked on the trail down a very successful career. Aleks began his enrollment in the Electronic Media department in 2007. Like many E-Media students, he went to Munich to study abroad at the MSC for a summer. However, unlike most, he returned to Munich soon after arriving home and stayed for an entire year.  Aleks came back to graduate in 2011.

Over the course of his education here and abroad, Aleks cites two things he learned that completely changed his working mindset and drastically improved the quality of his output.

One of the things that most profoundly impacted him was, as he says, "the realization that our industry is heavily based around the idea that you get out what you put into it. If you put in little time and effort into your focus… don't expect stellar results. The more time you put in, the better you will become." It was this mindset that began him on his path from an ordinary student to a professional producer.

However, the true turning point for Aleks was the semester during his junior year when he took a lighting class with Adjunct Instructor Zachary Riggins. Through this course he learned what made a video piece truly look professional, and using this knowledge, his projects reached a level of quality they never had prior.

With the knowledge and connections that he made through his education, internships, and personal projects, Aleks has acquired a number of clients for his freelance production company. With consistent quality and a quick turn-around time, Aleks and his production partner Richard Inman have become the go-to videographers for CityBeat. Naturally, they were hired this year to produce a video covering MidPoint Music Festival.

MidPoint is an independent music festival that began in 2002, and encompasses several venues throughout the downtown Cincinnati area, featuring most in Over-the-Rhine. This year the festival featured over 180 bands, who rocked out for the tens-of-thousands that attended. With so many groups and acts to cover, Aleks needed help, and so he called upon his roots.

Any and all available current Electronic Media students were offered the chance to be either a production assistant, or a camera operator, depending on if they had their own equipment. For their time, they were offered free catering, and a staff pass that allowed them to access everywhere in the festival. Besides a loose schedule of where and who to film, the students had free reign to explore the festival and document the excitement as they saw fit.

The resulting footage is being made into a three-to-five minute piece to showcase the festival and advertise it for next year. Oodles of people will be influenced to come experience Cincinnati and enjoy all it has to offer sonically.

To make the most out of the education and ensure success for the future, Aleksandar Jovic has two pieces of advice to offer current and future students of the Electronic Media program:

1.     Always keep working/experimenting with your craft. Your education will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals and a foundation to build upon, and it also allows you an opportunity to try new and different techniques out, so that you may define your own unique style.


2.     Look at every opportunity as a learning experience. In every situation, experience, and project (whether positive or negative) there is some bit of knowledge to be discovered. Even if you're not confident in your ability, if there's something you want to do, you must try to do it. You may do poorly at first, but it's the only way to get better eventually.


Written by Nicholas Rue posted November, 2013