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Retired Professor Opens Boutique


Moe Rouse

Dr. Morleen Getz Rouse taught in the E-Media Division for 31 years until her retirement in 1999. Dr. Rouse, more commonly known as “Moe” recently opened a relate and vintage boutique in Over the Rhine.,

Moe got interested in selling clothing for charity after being involved for many years with a bi-annual clothing sale through the National Council of Jewish Women.  She eventually took charge of that event.

It was this that inspired her to open her boutique on 1405-7 Vine Street.  The boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11-5.

Over-the-Rhine has been growing through the revitalization of buildings and opening of new stores and restaurants. Moe says that the young people are embracing the development and everyone has pitched in to help her out. She even has the locals on her side; they are “watching her back.”

Clothes are donated from friends and from the National Council of Jewish Women. In addition, Moe acquires jewelry, vintage clothes, and hats from New York City.

Proceeds of Mannequin Boutique are donated to local charities including:

·         Tender Mercies

·         First Step Home

·         FreeStore Foodbank

·         Stop Aids

·         UCAN Spay/Neuter Clinic

·         One Way Farm for Abused Children

·         Lighthouse Youth Services

Moe is extremely passionate about the work she is doing.

 “Finding a great buy [from Mannequin Boutique] is more exciting than walking out of an expensive store,” she says.

Mannequin Boutique is a great place to find stylish and affordable clothes and support local charities.

The boutique gives the new generation of students and the community to meet the engaging Moe who was a vital part of CCM for many years.


By Izzi Krombholz, posted March 2011