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Emedia students relax with a cold beverage after a long day.

Emedia students relax with a cold beverage after a long day.

Munich: A Priceless Summer

The twenty students, myself included, who participated in the 2011 Munich Summer Curriculum are back on home turf and fully recovered from jet lag. Upon our arrival in Germany four months ago, we experienced culture shock and were forced to assimilate into a new world. Now, we are making adjustments again coming back home to America.


Thirteen E-Media students participated in the program as well as students from other universities and University of Cincinnati colleges.


Alex Arkeilpane, a sophomore in the E-Media program said “I just miss the independence we had. You could walk into the city and see pretty much anything you wanted – from river surfing to historical sites to museums to amazing architecture.”


Despite being on the opposite sides of the globe, Cincinnati has a strong German culture and in fact, Munich and Cincinnati are sister cities. These similarities were just enough for us to make smooth transitions. The experience of studying abroad in Munich was one of a kind for E-Media junior Brittany Lewis.


“Immersing myself into a new culture really forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to acquire new habits and live a whole new life.  It took me a while to get used to being back home too,” she said.


Alex said being home makes him really value his study abroad experience. “If I could I would relive the whole summer over again,” said Alex


“My favorite part was meeting, interacting and living with a group of people that were all in the same situation. Everyone was putting themselves out there and attempting to live in a foreign city for 11 weeks. Some us didn’t even speak a lick of German.”


We also were given the opportunity to intern with a German company. This was our first view into the foreign professional world. San Diego State University senior Travis Lindsay said, “I speak German so experiencing the work field with my second language was very intriguing.”


Studying abroad offers opportunities not found in normal curriculum. Students further their education in an environment that provides new cultural perspectives and say it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.


In general, people are able to analyze, form opinions and create new ideas best when they are exposed to different perspectives. I gained new perspective on media and life from studying abroad and had the opportunity to learn how media encompasses, impacts and inspires a different part of the world. The entire experience cannot be matched.


Written by Annaliese Hnat, October 2011




Dr. Manfred Wolfram coordinates the MSC. Dr. Wolfram was head of the E-Media Division from 1987 until retirement in 2009.   Details about the Munich Summer Curriculum for Summer 2012 will be announced Winter Quarter.