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Our New Switcher

New TV Studio switcher

Students and faculty of the Electronic Media Division are fortunate to be housed in Mary Emery Hall, which opened in the fall of 1999.  Emery Hall still seems new to us and we are constantly updating our studios and equipment to make sure it stays that way.  Our new News Set, shown top above, was donated by WXIX TV and proudly installed in July, 2014.  Our Broadcast Pix switcher in our television production studio, shown second, was installed in August, 2009.

We are delighted to announce:  our television control room has moved into the 21st century!

“We are now working with a professional modern switching device that still feels the same as a traditional switcher but offers so much more .” said E-Media technical production manager John Hebbeler.

The new Broadcast Pix Slate 1000 replaces the Ross 20-20 switcher which we relied on for 18 years.  The days of worrying whether the switcher would last through the quarter are over.

“We certainly got our money's worth out of the Ross, but for years we have needed an updated switcher,” said Dr. Manfred Wolfram, head of the E-Media Division.

A gift from a Procter and Gamble executive, who has been a member of the E-Media Advisory Panel, made the purchase of the new switcher possible.   The Broadcast Pix and supporting systems cost about $35,000.

The “studio-in a box” is a fully-integrated PC-based television production system.

E-Media faculty and staff trained on the system in September and it will be introduced to students in three classes: Studio Television Production, Uptown, and Introduction to E-Media Performance this fall.

E-Media/CCM engineer Dave Colussi spent two weeks in August installing the new system.

Broadcast Pix customers include four big broadcast and cable networks plus 1200 other broadcast, corporate, education and government institutions. 

“We’re very excited about this, we think students will take to it quickly. It will offer many more possibilities while running productions,” said Hebbeler, who teaches Studio Television Production.

If students want to be among the first to work with the Broadcast Pix, there are several openings available in Uptown for students who have the necessary pre-requisites.

Posted September 2009