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E-Media Alumni in New York

Connecting with New York Alumni

New York City is home-base for a growing and enthusiastic group of E-Media graduates.

Fifteen of them met in April with Division Head Marjorie Fox and Dr. John Owens who went to New York to build alumni connections.

“We were thrilled to see our former students doing so well in New York and so confident about their futures there,” said Professor Fox.

Nine of the E-Media alumni came to a reception CCM held on April 9 in connection with the Musical Theatre Department’s spring showcase.

The most senior in that group is Jennifer Honn-Rennie ‘92, a documentary film  editor with Pipeline39.   Jennifer’s latest production, a series about New York Iron workers, will air nationally on the Weather Channel starting in May.  

The most recent graduate to show up for the party was Michael Hamer who graduated in December 2011.  Mike does video production and editing for Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover.

The next evening six more E-Media graduates made it to a late-evening party at a Times Square hotel.   CCM Dean Peter Landgren attended both events and enjoyed meeting the E-Media alumni.

During the New York trip Professor Fox also met with two other New York-based E-Media graduates, Dean Thompson ’69 and Lawrence Hamby ’73. 

Dr. Owens visited three graduates at their work places, Daniel Drake at WNET, Jarrad-James Haning at SBNation/The Verge and Lori Kinney at the Sesame Workshop.  Dr. Owens has created a Facebook group for our E-Media alumni.  All are encouraged to contact Dr. Owens on Facebook and join.

The E-Media community in New York is ready to help students who are about to graduate secure jobs or internships.  Most of the former UC students work for commercial and entertainment production houses---creative companies that produce material we all see on television and online.

Several New York area alumni were unable to attend the events.  Professor Fox and Dr. Owens were sorry to miss them and hope they’ll be part of the party next time.

In the above photo standing: Jarrad-James Haning ‘05, Brett Banks ’08, Adam Lytle ’08, Dave Crisante ’06, Ben Keller ’08, Professor Fox, Lori Kinney ’07, Dr. Owens;  seated-- Joey Deady ’09, Jared Lynch ’06, Dean Landgren.

In the below photo standing: Daniel Drake ’07, Mike Hamer ’11, Jarrad-James Haning ‘05, Colleen Yacka ’03, Prof. Fox, Brian Leitten ’01, Dean Landgren, Jordan Glickson ’02, Dr. Owens; in front—Jennifer Honn ’92, Jennifer Weeks ’04, Lori Kinney ’07.

E-Media Alumni in New York