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Opportunities in PAC


The University of Cincinnati Programs and Activities Council (PAC) is an organization that brings speakers, comedians and concerts to UC and also provides many opportunities for Electronic Media students. Members of PAC deal with aspects of production, allowing for E-Media students to get more experience in their own fields.

Below are some of the ways E-Media students can get involved:

·       Filming/ editing promotional videos

·       Creating web content

·       Promoting various concerts/speakers

·       Recording events

·       Broadcasting events

E-Media Students In PAC

The two PAC concert chairs are E-Media majors, and have both interned in music related jobs. PAC allows students to interact with artists and work in the industry that they hope to join when they graduate. The Comedy Chair, Reuben Moreland, is a professional entertainer who is in PAC in order to gain experience working in the entertainment business. Every event that PAC executes provides E-Media students with the great opportunity to gain insight of working in the entertainment business, or any other field an E-Media student might be interested in.

You can find out about more PAC events here  If you’d like to get involved call (513) 556-6102.  It’s a great way to strengthen your portfolio so you are ready to start your professional career.


Written by Matt Barlow, posted January 2014