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Peter DePietro: Life Of The Mind


E-Media Assistant Professor Peter DePietro

E-Media Assistant Professor Peter DePietro was one of the speakers in a new annual series, Life of the Mind, that features innovative thinkers on UC’s campus.

“I am honored to have been invited,” said Professor DePietro before the event.

Professor DePietro joined Howard Jackson, from the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences and Ming Tang, from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning on the second of two panels scheduled for spring quarter.

The series presents a one-word theme as the anchor for discussion with a diverse set of thinkers. The word for this session: technology.

The panel featuring Professor DePietro was held May 10 in the Alumni Center.   There was an April panel as well and more are planned for next year.

The series is designed to include intriguing insights from diverse perspectives, and encourage faculty and students to engage in further discourse.  Each professor presents a 15-minute talk followed by questions from the audience.

The series was started by UC Provost Santa Jeremy Ono.

“Life of the Mind will establish a distinctive niche that will showcase the research expertise of our faculty and expand our intellectual capacity,” said Dr. Ono.

Professor DePietro talked about different kinds of content that can be created to engage users in screen-based environments, interactive installations, and on the Web.  He discussed how these virtual experiences—that communicate stories, evoke emotion, entertain, or educate—impact a global audience.

More information on Life of the Mind is at


Posted April 13, 2011, Updated May 16.