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Spring Registration

Spring Semester Registration

Registration for Spring Semester 2013 starts November 2 and there are a few things that you may be wondering about on the Spring schedule.

The 1000 and 2000 level classes designated for non-majors are set up to accommodate newly admitted E-Media majors, E-Media minors, and other UC students who may wish to enroll.  The material covered in these classes is the same as that covered in the same classes for majors.  There are likely to be spots in the 2000 level classes for current E-Media students who are not placed in the classes by Learning Communities.   There will also be a few spots in Integrated Media Production 2 (EMED 1006) for some of our 2013 mid-year admittees and minor students who have completed IMP1 for non-majors (EMED 1015).

Pre-requisites: As you know, you must take the 1000 level required classes before taking the 2000 level required classes, and the 2000 level required classes before taking 3000 level classes, etc.  If you have not completed a pre-requisite for the class you wish to take, you will need to see Division Head Marjorie Fox with an add slip to seek her permission to waive the pre-requisite.  This should be done at the time you are scheduled to register, not before.  She will be available during her office hours and beyond for these appointments.  

Sophomore Learning Communities: The sophomores who were scheduled to take Digital Audio (EMED2006) through their Learning Community will have to register for one of the two class sessions independently.  The central administration abolished this learning community.

General Education Classes: You should have a copy of the Semester Curriculum Guide for Electronic Media majors which lists numerous options we recommend for your general education classes.  If you wish to take a class that is not on the list, you need to get permission from Professor Fox.  You may email her with this request and she will grant it if the course is similar to those on our recommended list.

If you wish to do an internship, you must be at or near senior status and have completed the 3000 level required courses (ethics and law).  Again, if you are currently enrolled in the 3000 level classes, you will need to see Prof. Fox with an add slip.  And you should make an appointment with her to discuss your internship plans, before arranging the internship.

Studio CCM (EMED 4040) this spring will produce a mobile application that will be used to showcase and promote the performing arts at CCM. Professor Peter DePietro is the instructor. Enrollment in the first offering of this important collaborative course is encouraged.  It is a capstone option for seniors.


Summer Schedule:  Our summer schedule is tentative at this point, but we anticipate offering Integrated Media Production 2, Digital Video, Digital Audio, Single Camera Production, Post Production, Media Topics (with a performance/announcing emphasis) and internships. 

If you have any additional questions about registration, please contact your faculty advisor.

Posted 10/30/12