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Student Group Produced Newscast in the Works


A group of students at the University of Cincinnati are joining together to produce a weekly campus television newscast.  Students from the Conservatory College of Music Electronic Media Division are combining with reporters from the College of Arts and Sciences' The News Record, as well as academic advisors to the newscast to finalize the details.  Plans are to debut in December before the New Year.

Kara Driscoll, Editor-In-Chief for The News Record says, “This newscast will provide another platform of media on campus.” The University of Cincinnati does not have a broadcast element, and this will open doors for those looking to study this aspect of news.  "It is great to see CCM students passionate about news.  People should invest in it." said Driscoll.

The News Record is an established newspaper and this collaboration with the Conservatory College of Music will keep the University of Cincinnati students, staff and faculty informed in the most current ways. The News Record has been the University of Cincinnati’s main provider of news on campus for the past 132 years. The News Record has built their reputation of great journalism and efficient, honest reporting. Currently, The News Record does offer a multimedia element, but is looking to enhance its digital appearance. Right now, the closest thing The News Record offers to a Newscast is their Podcast.

The CCM program is nationally established for the work done in the Electronic Media Division. Adding a newscast will give E-Media students another advantage. With this addition, CCM students will not only have expertise in video and audio, they will know how to use their skill and implement it into a real-world situation, such as a newscast.

Torrie Zarella, an Electronic Media student, was thrilled to hear about the new opportunities she may experience. Zarella has an interest in the production side of the newscast, and this will provide her an opportunity to gain real life experience. “I know that I will need to get an internship at a TV station before I graduate, but having this newscast on campus will help me practice for when I start my internship,” Zarella said.

After campus-wide auditions, E-Media students will be in charge of helping with the production and anchoring elements. With news delivery mostly digital these days, The News Record is looking for students with the most recent technical ability to help. This newscast will take place in the CCM building, where the appropriate equipment and settings are available.

Advisor of this newscast, E-Media professor Hagit Limor, is beyond excited for the future possibilities of this newscast. “The newscast will give students real world experience. They will learn about production, deadlines, performance, and all the other aspects you can't learn through a lecture or intermittent class projects. This will be the real deal. I'm very excited to see it germinate and then grow at UC,”  Professor Limor said.

These executive team members plan to hit the ground running as they work to cover all elements of an everyday newscast.

For those interested in joining this newscast, contact Kara Driscoll, Editor-In-Chief of The New Record, at (513) 556-5912 or


Written by Kelsey Conway, posted October 2013