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New Students: Progress Report

New E-Media Students

Mikey Evans, Nathan Bond, and Elliot Feltner

Electronic Media’s new students are in the second half of their first semester and getting into the swing of things.  I interviewed three of the new students to see how it’s going for them.

Freshman Nathan Bond is from Cincinnati.   Nathan chose the major because he’s interested in film and his sister, a graduate of the E-Media program, encouraged his enrollment.  (Kristen Bond Bedell ’04 is technical production coordinator at Electronic Arts, a major producer and distributor of video games in Los Angeles.)

Mikey Evans is from West Chester, OH and is a sophomore who transferred into Electronic Media, as did about 35% of the incoming class.

Elliot Feltner is a freshman from Covington, KY.

“I really dig Electronic Media so far.  Both of my professors have been really intriguing and insightful.  It’s only a couple weeks in but I have already learned a bunch about how the media in our world runs,” said Mikey.

“So far E-media is great!  I am able to focus on what I love to do which is creating and editing video,” said Elliot.  “I was attracted by how focused E-Media was on things like video, audio, and anything electronic.”

‘The thing I have enjoyed so far is meeting people that like the same stuff as me.  It is really cool to talk to people that want to do the same thing as you,” said Nathan.  

“I love every aspect of film/video making and saw E-Media as the best place to get a lot of experience and knowledge for that,” said Mikey. 

All three students have big plans for the future and E-Media plays a big part.  Nathan would like to do something in film but acknowledges the fact that he could end up in audio, which is fine by him.  Mikey wants to raise awareness of injustices around the world using video.  Elliot plans on going into video producing/editing.   

Nathan, Elliot, and Mikey are very excited for the rest of the year in Electronic Media.  They are all confident in their decision in choosing E-Media and look forward to the future. 


Written by Ryan Chimney, posted October 18, 2012