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Transferring Into E-Media


Kylee Pierce, Nick Restifo and Cameron Coyan are among E-Media’s many transfer students.

Many of the E-Media Division’s finest students and graduates are people who transferred into the program.   About 35% of E-Media students are transfers according to Division Head Marjorie Fox.

The high percentage can be attributed in part to students not finding out about the program until they have been on campus a while.  

Most transfers come to E-Media during their sophomore year, though some have completed two years or more at UC when they join our program.

22 students transferred into E-Media Winter quarter 2012. The students transferred from all sorts of programs, from violin at CCM, to McMicken’s Exploratory Studies, to physics.

I myself began the transfer process midway through Spring quarter 2011 after I found out about E-Media. I transferred from Digital Design in DAAP, switching my focus from 3D animation to sound and music production.

Cameron Coyan was a physics major when he transferred into E-Media.

“I was drawn to the program because all my previous credits transferred over, and all of the classes sounded more like things I would do for fun as opposed to work,”  said Cameron.  His career goals involve working with movies, preferably operating cameras or working on special effects.

Some students transfer because they find that E-Media better prepares them for a career within their respective interests. Nick Restifo transferred into E-Media after studying violin at CCM. While students in E-Media are able to focus on a particular type of media, the program gives a broad understanding of media’s different forms, resulting in knowledgeable, well-rounded individuals.

As Nick said, “I wanted to stay with music and art, and this seemed like the right place to be.”

Kylee Pierce transferred to E-Media from the Exploratory Studies program.

“I poked around the UC website and discovered the major there, Kylee said. “So when I started as exploratory I told my advisor and he encouraged me to go for it… I loved the film class I went to in high school, so I decided I wanted to do film.” Kylee hopes to get an internship in California by the time she graduates, or use her experience in E-Media to gain acceptance into film school.

One problem for transfer students, especially those who transfer after two years of college, is that they sometimes have trouble getting into E-Media classes as quickly as they would like. These students are likely to spend at least one extra semester getting their degree. Many transfers come in already having completed most of their general education classes, but because of pre-requisites and limitations in class sizes, they often cannot enroll in more than two or three E-Media classes each semester.

Students who transfer into E-Media under the semester curriculum will, like all others,  have to earn a minor.  The minor studies will help them fill out their schedules even if they have completed most of their general education requirements.

The ability to transfer into E-Media mid year became an option in 2011. Transfer students, like high school applicants, must go through the admissions process. The number of transfers admitted mid-year will vary from year to year, depending on the enrollment in the fall and the number of students graduating.

Professor Fox said the current academic search engines on the UC Website lead more readily to E-Media than they had in the past, so the number of students who discover us as high school students or as UC freshmen is likely to grow.


Written By Eric Stretcher, posted December 2012