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E-Media: The Perfect Minor For Any Major

Many students have a hard time choosing a minor that works with their major. Electronic Media is a great program that can enhance any major, making the job search easier when you graduate.

The 18 credit- hour minor is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about digital audio, video production, broadcast journalism, web design, and script writing. Students from every college at The University of Cincinnati can take advantage of this minor. An E-Media minor can allow students to become specialized in a growing field and stand out from fellow peers.

Right now, about 40 students are minoring in E-Media with a variety of majors. Here are a couple of students from different majors who say they have learned a lot from minoring in E-Media:


Brady Cochran

The Fine Arts Major-Brady Cochran is a senior at The University of Cincinnati. His major is fine arts. Although he loves his major, his dream job is to work with film.   He chose the E-Media minor so he can learn more about video production.   He loves his minor because it has taught him a lot about working with film, especially his favorite class Video Production. He says video production has helped him improve skills that will enhance what he learned in his fine arts major.

Lauren Conrad


The Photojournalist-Lauren Kremer is a senior at The University of Cincinnati. Her major is photojournalism. She loves to travel and take photos of all the places she has visited.   A mentor told Lauren about the E-Media minor and she looked into it. After being accepted into the program Lauren realized this minor was perfect for her.   She has learned a lot about web design. This has helped her make an excellent online portfolio of all of her photos and projects.   Her favorite class she has taken is Writing for Media, because she is interested in blogging.   The E-Media minor has helped Lauren to prepare for her future. After graduating she hopes to be a traveling photojournalist.


E-Media Minor

The English Major-Jonathon Nickoson is also a senior at The University of Cincinnati. His major is English.  He loves his major but his passion is writing scripts for film.  After hearing that E-Media is now a minor, Jonathon quickly applied to the program and was accepted. He loves his minor because it has helped him get closer to his dream job, writing for television.  Jonathon’s favorite class he has taken is Integrated Media Production 1.  He loved this class because it allowed him to make his own videos.  The E-Media minor has helped Jonathon understand the visual side of video production so he can find a career writing for television.



How You Can Apply

Applicants interested in the E-Media minor program should send a copy of their current degree audit and a 500- word essay explaining why they want to minor in E-Media to Dr. John Owens ( and Jeni Vanlandigham (

Applications are due November 1.  For more information, or if you would like to apply check out:

An E-Media minor can help many students become more specialized in their industries as technology continues to change. This minor helps students stand out and have knowledge that is helpful for any career.

Written by Renee Howard