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Ticket to LA


A fundraising effort to send outstanding E-Media graduates to Los Angeles each summer is on track.  Ticket to LA was started by Division Head Marjorie Fox as more than 40 guests re-connected at an E-Media alumni reception in Hollywood, April 28.

Professor Fox said eight individuals made generous pledges and contributions to the fund by mid summer.  She hopes there will be at least that many more to assure Ticket to LA's success.

“We were thrilled to see so many of our Los Angeles area alumni and to learn how well they’re doing,” said Professor Fox.

Professor Fox and CCM’s development officer Kit Anderson organized the event with significant help from Lisa Ripley Becker ’96.  Lisa has been in Los Angeles since graduation and is a production supervisor for the popular Fox television series Bones.

Former division head Dr. Manfred Wolfram and associate professor Kevin Burke also travelled to LA to enjoy the reception.

The division hopes Los Angeles alumni and E-Media supporters elsewhere will make annual contributions to the fund.  It will be used to support new E-Media graduates who want to make their mark in Southern California.

By mid-summer, Professor Fox said, enough money has been contributed start supporting LA bound graduates, but more is needed to expand it and keep it going.

Many of the alumni currently in LA had been recipients of E-Media funded internships in years past.  Unfortunately, funding for those internships and for those in New York City has ceased in the last couple of years.

“It will be up to us to get the pipeline flowing again,” said Professor Fox.

She and Dr. Wolfram are making personal gifts of $500 to the Ticket to LA campaign.

Contributions to the fund can be made on line.  Make sure you go to CCM and Electronic Media in the drop down menu and note that your gift is for Ticket to LA.

Those alums attending the Hollywood party were: Shawn Adams, Lew Avramovich, John Baer, Brad Beaumont, Lisa Ripley Becker, Amber Bollinger, Ben Bolton, Tom Bruehl,  Rollim Chan,  Debbie Denise, Ken Estep, Patrick Ginn, Merle Goldberg, Elliot Greenberg, Doug Hall, Kelly Harris, Ron High, Sara Hillner, Bill Hinkle, Ellis Jackson, Brian Risdon Lazarte, Ken Luebbert, Jessica Wethington McLean, Loren McNames, Lou Mifsud, Dee Olomajeye,  Rip Pelley, Christopher Prince, Jasmine Probst,  Chris Savage, Jon Schwartz, Jacquie Shriver,  Joshua Singhoff, Andrea Stilgenbauer, Natalie Stouder, Kevin Sullivan, and Tom Urich.

If someone’s name was inadvertently omitted, please let Professor Fox know.

“We have marvelous circles of alumni in Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati and beyond. We plan to have other alumni events next year,” said Professor Fox. 

In the above photo Ellis Jackson 08, Jacquie Shriver03, Kelly Harris '85, Marjorie Fox, Rollim Chan'97.

Posted May 12, 2010, updated July 22, 2010