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E-media Minor

Applications will be accepted between December 12, 2011-February 4, 2012.  Selection of applicants will be made by March 2.  Enrollment in the minor program will begin in September 2012.

At this point, it is anticipated that 10 candidates for the E-Media minor will be admitted for 2012-2013. All applicants must be current UC students.  Preference will be given to freshman and sophomore applicants because it will take two years to complete the minor.

Applicants should submit a complete copy of their most recent Degree Audit and a 500-word essay explaining their educational and career goals and why they wish to minor in E-Media.  Application materials should be submitted to E-Media Division Head Marjorie Fox at  Administrative coordinator Jeni Vanlandingham should be copied.

You will be notified of your admissions status by March 1.  Questions should be directed to Ms. Vanlandingham via email or at 513-556-9488.

In applying for the minor you are affirming your understanding that you will have to take a required class, IMP2 during the summer of 2013.  You are further affirming your understanding that your admission to advanced production classes is likely to be restricted to summer sessions.  You are also affirming your understanding that you are required to have a Macbook Pro for the E-Media classes.

The E-Media Minor         18 credits

    Required (core)  courses:   9 credits

        Media in Your Life (16-EMED-1001)

        Integrated Media Production 1 for non majors (16-EMED-1015)

        Integrated Media Production 2 (16-EMED-1006)

    Electives    9 credits

Upon completion of the core classes, you may select two courses from our    2000 level classes,  including Digital Video, Digital Audio, Writing for Media, New Media 1, Studio TV production, or Student Media Practicum.

Your sixth E-Media class will be from our 3000 level offerings,   (provided you  have the pre-requisites) or from the 4000 level offerings with pre-requisites and permission of instructor.

It is likely that some upper level electives will not be available to minors during Fall or Spring semesters. Openings in News Writing and Production, Media Aesthetics, Integrated Media Market and Sales, Studio CCM, Media Programming and Management, and Media Topics are more likely than openings in advanced production courses.  It is also possible to  do a media internship as your upper level minor elective.

Students who start the minor in Fall Semester 2012 should anticipate that they will complete the minor in the Spring or Summer of 2014.

Regarding semester conversion: Not more than two equivalent courses taken prior to Fall 2012 will count towards the E-Media minor.  The quarter classes Digital Core 1 and Digital Core 2 are equivalent classes for semester classes IMP1 and IMP2.


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