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Student Spotlight: Ryann Walton

Ryann Walton

Ryann Walton is set to graduate in March and she has no regrets. She has had her own radio show, traveled to Germany, and plays bass in a band, The Flux Capacitors. Ryann, a senior in E-Media, is music director for UC’s student Internet radio, Bearcast.

Ryann’s love for music and radio developed in high school. She solidified her decision to study electronic media after Mark Hattersley, Ryann’s high school radio teacher and E-Media alum, mentioned the program to her.

Ryann started her radio career on WLHS 89.9 FM at Lakota East High School even though she attended Lakota West. “I would travel over there half way through my school day to do work at the station.” And she loved every minute of it.

It was at WLHS where she started as a music director. “I loved it so I wanted to keep doing the same thing when I came to college. Bearcast was a must for me.”

She has been a music director for Bearcast for three years.

Ryann is devoted to Bearcast and loves all the unique opportunities it provides the members.  “UC students from all colleges and majors can have their own specialty show or they can serve as a director. It’s provided me with invaluable experiences.”

Bearcast's production director, Kole Ross, values Ryann's contributions.

"She has a strong vision for music on the station and she's not afraid to take charge when it's needed. Plus she's fun to be around.  It'll be a sad day when she graduates and leaves Bearcast behind," says Kole.

As music director, Ryann reviews music for airplay. She also speaks with radio promoters on the phone about her thoughts on the music and what she is currently playing on Bearcast.

Believe it or not, Ryann also likes to listen to music in her spare time.

Being a director has its perks. Ryann says that she has had successful networking opportunities through her contact with other radio promotions companies. “One of my promoters lives in Boston and I have talked to him for five years now!”

Ryann has had three internships. She interned at, an Internet station that was located in downtown Cincinnati until their move to Austin in September. She also interned at m94.5 FM, a college format radio station in Munich, Germany. And lastly, she interned at a record label called All Night Party in Cincinnati.

“They have all helped me so much because I was able to network and establish connections with professionals in the music and radio industry.”

Ryann plans on getting a career at a radio promotions company to continue pursuing her passion in music and radio.

Written by Leah Addison, December 2009