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CCM, Composition, Musicology and Theory
Ethnomusicology students performing


Thinking About Music Lecture Series

5:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 20
• The Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Thinking About Music Lecture Series •
Maria Mendonça, Kenyon College
The Indonesian gamelan – a predominantly bronze percussion ensemble comprised of gongs, metallophones and other instruments – has had a long entanglement with the discipline of ethnomusicology from its foundational moments to the present. But ethnomusicology is only one of several networks of circulation, including colonial administration, cultural diplomacy, educational ideology and prison rehabilitation, that have facilitated the movement and reinterpretation of the ensemble and its music outside of Indonesia. In this lecture, Maria Mendonça explores the ways in which the ensemble and its music has been reimagined and localized in Britain, drawing on her recent ethnographic film project Gamelan Encounters (2017).
Location: Baur Room
Admission: FREE

2:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 17
• The Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Thinking About Music Lecture Series •
Scott Murphy, University of Kansas School of Music
Earlier this year, Harvard professor Mihir Desai published The Wisdom of Finance, which demonstrates how certain economic structures parallel humanity’s timeless struggles and aspirations as encoded in works of culture. One of those structures is the set of incommensurable preferences: citing Martha Nussbaum’s The Fragility of Goodness, Desai finds this set embedded in notions of what makes for a good life. In this talk, Murphy demonstrates that this set also undergirds many stylistic aspects of Western classical tonal music, in direct contradiction to a prevailing trend in music-theoretical research. From this perspective, defaults such as major-minor tonality and four-part textures emerge as solutions.
Location: Baur Room
Admission: FREE

Sonic Explorations Series

8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14
Mara Helmuth, music director
Featuring an evening of electroacoustic and computer music by CCM students, faculty and guests.
Location: Cohen Family Studio Theater
Admission: FREE