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Excerpt Class

By: Prof. Randy C. Gardner

Alternating by semester with horn choir, horn excerpt class is an academic and performance course that studies in-depth a wide spectrum of repertoire. The historical setting of each composition, orchestral context of each excerpt, musical goals of assigned passages along with technical approaches to achieving those goals, and interpretive variations are studied. A small body of important repertoire is memorized, and recorded auditions are prepared. Students perform in every class session. Most importantly, a method of study and audition preparation is cultivated.

Excerpt from Syllabus:

Each work requires score study. Understanding each excerpt's musical context, and translation of all musical directions and vocal texts is the foundation of artistic excellence.

While studying each composition, it is expected that a student will listen to several different recordings of a work and be able to intelligently discuss differences of interpretation and style. Students are encouraged to bring recordings of interest to share with the class.

Be able to discuss the historical background of each composer and composition studied.

All class members will perform, and all will act as audition committee members, giving helpful feedback, throughout the semester. Any member of the class may be called upon to perform without notice when excerpt memorization has been assigned.

On occasion, students will be given self-recording assignments. These recordings are to be prepared as if they are a preliminary audition for a professional orchestra, and will be played during class to solicit feedback.

Written work will be assigned.

A repertoire schedule will be distributed at the beginning of each semester. This list is subject to change during the semester. Memorization assignments and recommended concert attendance that coordinates with assigned repertoire are noted.