CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep
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Jonnie Lynn Jacobs-Percer, director

CCM Preparatory develops dance students through a series of classes and companies that advance their ability in ballet, musical theatre dance, hip-hop and tap. The Ballet Coordinator and the Theatre Arts Coordinator work closely together to offer students the finest in dance education for the community.

Young students in our program are introduced to movement and dance in a very nurturing and welcoming way that encourages and challenges without intimidation.  As students progress, so do expectations and opportunities. Adults also have the opportunity to take dance classes. This heterogeneous mixture of interests and expectations requires faculty that are flexible and able to adapt teaching style and expectations to the needs of the student.

All students participate in a final recital or showcase at the end of the academic year.  Performance opportunities occur during the year for dance students, either on campus or in the community. CCM Prep offers performing opportunities for ballet with several different ballet groups that produce two concerts and often perform for other events. 

 75% of our faculty are alumni, faculty or graduate students at CCM.  The dance faculty consists of veterans who have been here over 20 years as well as younger, talented teachers, active as performers and teachers in the area.  CCM faculty also teach for us. Many of the ballet classes are accompanied by trained professionals.

For the beginner and arts enthusiast, the dance division offers a relaxed, welcoming environment where students, both children and adults, may explore their artistic interests.  Auditions are not necessary for beginning students.  Advanced students in all areas are accepted through audition.  In ballet, their weekly training hours also increase. 

Please see the Classes Page for information on all the dance options, and note the department's policy on attire.

Contact info

Coordinator: Jonnie Lynn Jacobs-Percer
Phone: 513-556-3214

little dancers


The Diane Goldman Memorial Award in Preparatory Ballet is a new scholarship given in memory of the late Diane Goldman, a much loved faculty member who worked with younger ballet students. Ballet students from the age of the to 13 are eligible; preference are those students with a financial need. The scholarship is for one year of tuition in the program. Please see the Scholarships and Financial Aid page for more information.