CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep

Information below is for 2014-15 school year. 2015-16 school year details to be announced in July, 2015.

Theatre Arts classes

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Acting classes are available for all ages. Classes cover basic acting skills including improvisation, characterization, movement, vocal production, script analysis and scene study.

All classes except beginning level require approval by instructor or auditions. Auditions for advanced classes and programs will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23; please see The Audition Page to sign up for a time and for more information.

Group classes (except early childhood programs) are designed to be 30 weeks in length and students are expected to enroll for the entire year. Please contact Elizabeth Harris if you wish to join a class at midyear. Beginning classes do not require an audition. Auditions for advanced classes and programs will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23. Please visit our website at for complete audition information.

Dance and singing are vital parts of a well-rounded musical theatre skill set, and CCM Prep encourages theater students to take appropriate Musical Theatre Dance, Tap and Ballet classes offered by the CCM Prep Dance Division and (in addition to the Musical Theatre Voice classes below) voice classes offered through the Music Division. Students who take both a Musical Theatre Dance class and a Ballet class receive a $150 credit.

Acting classes

Acting classes are available for all ages and cover basic acting skills, including improvisation, characterization, movement, voice, script analysis and scene study.


For 3-4 year olds

Designed by our faculty especially for our youngest students, StARTS! offers three 8-week series that introduce children to music, dance and theatre through child-friendly experiences. The sessions are designed to increase children’s comfort level in the performing arts, become acquainted with the CCM village, and allow children to experience all the performing arts before entering any of our curriculum-driven programs. Each of the sessions has a different theme, so children can take all three sessions without repeating, and there is a discount for enrolling in all three. NOTE: This is the only option we offer for children younger than 4 years old. Young fours may be asked to take this class prior to entering one of the curriculum classes. Our staff will be happy to discuss this with you.  

Dates: Fall — Sept. 27-Nov.15, Winter — Jan. 17- March 14, 2015; Spring — March 21-May 16

9 and 10 a.m., Saturdays

Cost: $125 per eight-week session (no registration fee required). If taking all three sessions, the total cost is $350.

The Young Actors Toolbox

For ages 4-6
10 a.m., Saturdays
The young actor explores acting through story-telling, theatre games, fairy tales and improvisation; the class will also include basic voice and movement exercises. This is a wonderful class to build a young actor’s self esteem. Cost: $190 per semester

All About Acting

For ages 7-9
10 a.m., Saturdays
A beginning acting class designed to allow young students to continue to explore their imaginations through voice, movement, and the elements of drama. Cost: $380 per year

Acting classes by level

For Acting I, II, III and IV, an audition is required. 2014-15 auditions are Saturday, Aug. 23, at CCM.Please go to for audition information and to sign up for a time.

Acting I

Recommended for ages 10-13
9 a.m., Saturdays
Acting I students begin with improvisation that leads to group scenes and monologue work with a focus on body awareness and vocal technique. Cost: $380 per year

Acting II

Recommended for ages 10-13 (audition required)
9 a.m., Saturdays
Acting II students deepen their skills while focusing on monologues, audition techniques, stage movement and beginning script analysis. Cost: $380 per year

Acting III

Recommended for ages 10-13 (audition required)
11 a.m., Saturdays
In this advanced acting class, Acting I and II information is brought together into a cohesive understanding of the craft of acting. Cost: $380 per year

Acting IV (Scene Study)

For ages 14 and up (Acting III prerequisite)
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Saturdays
In this advanced acting class, students develop acting skills by working in scenes  from contemporary and classical theatre. The  focus is on learning to be a better actor by fulfilling the actor’s responsibility to other actors, the playwright and the audience. Cost: $550 per year

Private lessons

Individual tutoring in theatre arts skills is available from experienced CCM Preparatory at rates comperable to those of individual music lessons. Please contact Elizabeth Harris if you want to arrange for private lessons.

Voice classes

Classes emphasize healthy vocal production while singing classic and contemporary songs from American musical theatre.

Sing, Sing, Sing

For ages 7-9
9 a.m., Saturdays
Do you love to sing? This class focuses on musical theatre songs that are just right for this age group, while promoting a basic knowledge of proper and healthy vocal techniques.
Cost: $380 per year

Can’t Stop Singing

Recommended for ages 10-13
11 a.m., Saturdays
Learn great classic songs from the American musical theatre while improving and expanding vocal production in a healthy manner.
Cost: $380 per year

Can’t Stop Singing for Boys

Recommended for boys ages 9-14
11 a.m., Saturdays.
For boys only! This class will pay particular attention to the changing male voice while students sing songs especially for male choruses.
Cost: $380 per year