CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep


The College-Conservatory of Music Preparatory Department offers many opportunities to volunteer. Students and parents have organized picnics and philanthropic concerts. Volunteers have distributed programming brochures and event fliers, and have supported performances of CCM Prep students in outlying areas and local businesses.

The simplest way to volunteer is to bring area families who are interested in the arts to support CCM Prep students at concerts, recitals and productions.  Distributing event fliers and brochures to schools and businesses is helpful, but so is touting our programs by word of mouth. It is our priority to promote quality of instruction, caliber of faculty, multiple performances and events, and a family-centered environmen. Beginning Fall of 2011, each family who distributes fliers and brochures to locations convenient to their home and/or work areas will be entered for an opportunity to receive one $50 tuition credit for the upcoming semester.  

Each year, CCM Prep hosts social events to acquaint parents, students and faculty, and looks for a few friendly faces to welcome guests and help in various capacities. Any level of participation is much appreciated, important to us, and often great fun for participants. Another way to become involved is to host an event in which your child is performing by greeting and handing program brochures at the entrance.

Lastly, CCM Prep is continually in search of performance venues for the dance, theatre and music students.  If you have a connection with a church, retirement home, museum, country club, park, business or any other place that would be a good locale, please let us know! We will take care of the details.

To become a part of our CCM Prep support community, for additional information, or to offer suggestions and questions, please e-mail or call 513-556-2595.  Thanks so much for your interest and support!

Prep Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice, support, insights and expertise to the CCM Preparatory Department through quarterly meetings and e-mail communication. The committee includes CCM Prep staff and faculty, CCM faculty and staff, CCM Prep students and parents, area school teachers, and local collaborators and businesses affiliated with CCM Prep.

Committee goals are to provide a sounding board on department planning, to assist in the expansion of programs through enhanced awareness, satellite locations or other means, and to support the objectives and values of the program.

The committee holds seasonal meetings and does most communication by e-mail. It consists of the following subcommittees:

    CCM Prep staff
    CCM Prep faculty (representative of the three areas)
    CCM Prep adult students and parents
    CCM faculty/staff representative(s)
    Local collaborators and partners
    Area schoolteachers
    Businesses affiliated with the goals of CCM Preparatory


•   Willing to attend three to four meetings a year
•   Support the activities and objectives of the Preparatory Department; willing to volunteer as a spokesperson to advance the program as well as the entire field of arts education
•   Donate once a year to the department (any denomination)

Meetings will be held seasonally at CCM.

•   To provide a sounding board on future planning for the department
•   To assist in expansion of the program, whether it is through enhanced awareness, satellite locations or other means
•   To support the objectives and values of the program
•   To occasionally volunteer when requested for special projects and activities

If interested, please contact Assistant Dean Amy Dennison at 513-556-9466 or

Student Internship Program

High school CCM Prep students can earn community service credits, volunteer hours, or tuition assistance by working for CCM Prep as class assistants, student apprentices or other tasks. No experience is necessary; just bring your enthusiasm for children and a willingness to learn.  We are looking for help with activities such as these:

  • Computer assistant: Assisting with website/newsletter or other computer tasks as needed for the department
  • Class assistant:  Assisting a Prep teacher with a group class in drama, music, ballet or special learners
  • Saturday assistant:  varied responsibilities
  • Summer camp:  Assisting with camps as an apprentice
  • Video/photographer: Picture and video taking
  • Recital/festival/competition assistant: helping with special events in the department

Click here for an application form. Please note that a work-study application must be filed in addition to a financial aid application.