CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep

Early Childhood

Our goal is to introduce young children to the performing arts and essential skills, in a nurturing, creative environment. Learn more about our offerings for young children by clicking on the links below.

Young child plays the violin.


Music at CCM

Music in Oakley & Hyde Park

In addition, our StARTS! class offers an introduction to the performing arts for three and four year olds.


For 3- to 4-Year Olds

Designed by our faculty especially for our youngest students, StARTS! offers three 8-week-long sessions that introduce children to music, dance and theatre through child-friendly experiences. The sessions are designed to increase children’s comfort level in the performing arts, become acquainted with the CCM village, and allow children to experience all the performing arts before entering any of our curriculum-driven programs. Each of the sessions has a different theme, so children can take all three sessions without repeating.

NOTE: This is the only option we offer for children younger than 4 years old. Young fours may be asked to take this class prior to entering one of the regular curriculum classes. Our staff will be happy to discuss this with you.

Theatre Arts

The Young Actors Toolbox

For Ages 4-6

Youngsters explore acting through story-telling, theatre games, improvisations and fairy tales. The class will include basic voice and movement exercises. This is a wonderful class to build young actors' self-esteem by helping them to trust and develop their own unique imagination.