CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep

Ballet and Dance for Young Children

halloween young children ballet class

The philosophy of the CCM Preparatory Ballet Program is that every child deserves careful and individualized training from qualified instructors. Classes are small and instructors are specially trained to teach young children.

small ballet dancer

Primary Ballet

For ages 4-6
9-10 a.m. Saturday
Fall Semester: Sept. 8 to Dec. 15
Spring Semester: Jan. 5 to May 18
Intructor:  Heather Cameron-Johnson 
Tuition: $225 per semester

Very young dancers have fun in this creative introductory dance class learning basic ballet movements and terminology. Class activities include movement exploration, creative movement, moving in groups, improvisation and working with props.

Primary Ballet invites students into the magical enchantment of classical ballet. It presents ballet as a fun and creative learning experience, but is structured enough so that the student begins to learn ballet technique through body awareness and become able to recall movement from memory. This class is ideal for students who have taken Creative Primary Ballet, but are not yet ready for the full structure of a classical ballet class.