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CCM: Resources

Scheduling Services

Scheduling Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Scheduling Office Staff
Eric Louie, Manager,
Travis Peplinksi, Melanie Schmid and Tyler Niemeyer, Graduate Assistants,

CCM Building Hours of Operation

Mary Emery Hall & Corbett Center
Open 7:00 a.m.
Lock and Close 12:00 Midnight

Dieterle Vocal Arts Center
Open 7:00 a.m.
Lock 7:00 p.m.
Close 12:00 Midnight

Memorial Hall
CCM Faculty, Staff and Student Key Card Access only

NOTE: All CCM buildings require key card access when locked. Certain doors are locked 24 hours and require card access. All CCM buildings close at midnight; no students or members of the general public should be in the building after that time unless working under the direct supervision and in the presence of CCM faculty or staff. For details, please read the schedule posted in the Performance Management Office.

Performance Hall Access
Performers should always access performance halls using the backstage entrance for both rehearsals and performances. Entrances from the lobby should only be used for public performances and masterclasses. Click here to download stage setup instructions in PDF format.

Student Recital Scheduling
Student recitals are scheduled one semester in advance. DMA lecture recitals may be scheduled the semester of the performance (at least 3 weeks in advance and after proposal is approved).

Sign-ups for scheduling meetings will be online; you will receive an email with instructions prior to this date.

Priority for recital scheduling is given by degree (AD, DMA/PhD, MM, BM, and Junior/Non-required). Most recitals are scheduled in Robert J. Werner Recital Hall, Watson Hall or the Master Classroom (MEH 3250). Special arrangements are made for recitals requiring larger setups, such as percussion, jazz, conducting and some composition recitals. Students who have previously cancelled or rescheduled a recital without adequate cause are given lowest priority for scheduling their next recital.

Recital Cancellation Policy

Canceling or rescheduling a recital after approval of the recital time and date may occur only under certain circumstances. Acceptable circumstances include:

1.     Injury or illness (A physician’s note is required stating that aforementioned injury/illness will prevent you from performing.)

2.     Family emergency

3.     “Act of God” (natural disasters, weather catastrophes preventing travel)

4.     Failure of the recital hearing scheduled no closer than three weeks prior to the recital date (this pertains only to departments that require recital hearings)

The following are not acceptable reasons:

1.     Repertoire is not ready for performance

2.     Schedule conflicts; this includes conflicts with outside engagements or unforeseen conflicts with a faculty member’s schedule

3.     Problems with assisting artists/accompanists with the exception of acceptable circumstance #1 above

A recital cancellation form signed by the student, teacher and the division head must be submitted to the Scheduling Department in the Performance Management Office. Any cancelled/rescheduled recital that does not have a legitimate reason (listed above) with attached physician’s note (when applicable) will incur a fine of $100. The student may not reschedule the cancelled recital until the fully executed cancellation form is submitted and fine payment is made.

Trading dates with another student is only permitted with signed approval from the teacher and division head, and must be requested in writing through the Scheduling Department.

Failing to appear for a scheduled recital will also incur a $100 fee.  Again, the student may not reschedule until payment is made.

Recital Dress Rehearsals

CCM allows two hours of dress rehearsal time in the performance hall for each student recital. Rehearsals must take place within the regular operating hours for the performance space:

Werner: 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday
Watson and MEH 3250: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday
Sunday hours: 12 p.m.-10 p.m. for all halls. 

For Recitals Scheduled in Patricia Corbett Theater or the Cohen Family Studio Theater, dress rehearsals will be limited to the day of the performance due to the setup requirements.

Chamber Music Rehearsals
Two chamber music rehearsal rooms are available in Memorial Hall for student chamber groups. They are equipped with grand pianos. You can schedule these rooms through the Scheduling Office during regular office hours. NOTE: STUDENTS SHOULD PROVIDE THEIR OWN MUSIC STANDS FOR REHEARSALS IN CHAMBER MUSIC ROOMS.

Solo Music Rehearsals (with or without accompaniment)
Practice rooms are available throughout Memorial Hall for solo rehearsals and rehearsals for voice or instrument with piano accompaniment. These rooms are available on a first-come/first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Some of these rooms are designated as piano practice rooms and are only available for piano students with keys.

Large Ensemble and Percussion Rehearsals
The large ensemble rehearsal rooms in Corbett Center (rooms 1340, 1402 and 1630) are available for large groups and groups requiring large amounts of percussion equipment. The choral rehearsal room (DVAC 100) is available for choral group rehearsals. Due to increased use by regularly scheduled classes and ensembles, availability of these rooms is very limited. All of these are locked rooms. To use them, you must work with a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant who can unlock the room at the appointed time and secure it after the rehearsal. For the security of our people and equipment, it is imperative that these rooms be secured after each use.

Opera/Musical Theater/Drama Rehearsals
The drama classrooms (rooms 4735 & 4755) near the TAPAA divisional office are available for student theatrical rehearsals. Room 4735 is held on weekday evenings for use by drama students; room 4755 is held for Musical Theatre students to schedule. Out of consideration for others who use these rooms, please clear the rooms of all rehearsal props and costumes after each use. The larger TAPAA rehearsal rooms on the 3000 level are available only for projects sponsored by TAPAA departments and under the direct supervision of faculty, stage managers or graduate directing assistants.

To record for a competition or audition, you may schedule Watson Hall, the Master Classroom (MEH 3250), the chamber music rooms or any of the large ensemble rooms, including the choral rehearsal room (DVAC 100). Students may reserve a maximum of two hours recording time per week ; reservations can be made within two weeks before the desired recording time. Please plan rehearsals well before competition deadlines, as availability of these spaces is limited, and certain other activities are given priority. Also, please use your time in these spaces wisely. Rehearse in a practice room prior to the scheduled recording time so that you can get an excellent recording in only one or two takes.

Classroom & Conference Room Scheduling
CCM classrooms and conference rooms can be scheduled for appropriate activities led by a CCM faculty member or graduate teaching assistant. Always leave classrooms in the standard classroom configuration after use. All CCM classrooms and conference rooms must remain locked when not in use. All classrooms are equipped with stereos. Most have pianos. Many classrooms contain computer and video equipment. Any other educational equipment needs should be arranged through your academic division office.

Private Teaching
Any CCM students who wish to take on students for private lessons should make arrangements to teach through the Preparatory Program. Their offices are located in CC 3860. Room assignments for private teaching will be made through the Prep Office. Private teaching is not allowed in UC facilities except through Collegiate and Preparatory programs. Unauthorized private teaching on state property is a violation of Ohio state law.

All receptions in CCM facilities must be scheduled through the CCM Scheduling Office. Receptions for CCM students following recitals or performances can be scheduled in Corbett Atrium's upper lobby (schedule permitting). This space is not scheduled exclusively, and other users must be given equal access. For the last recital of the evening in Werner Recital Hall, there is a green room available for receiving guests briefly following the performance. With advance notice to the Scheduling Office, this space is appropriate for small amounts of food, but larger receptions should take place elsewhere. For the last recital of the evening in Watson Hall, the Watson Hall lobby may be scheduled for small receptions with advance notice.

Other services provided by the Scheduling Office:

Recital & Performance Programs
The Scheduling Office is responsible for printing all student recital programs and most other CCM performance programs. Program format guidelines are available in the Scheduling Office. Programs should be prepared according to these standards and submitted in typed form with appropriate faculty signatures at least two weeks prior to the performance date. In addition, you must provide your program in an electronic format via email to

There is no charge for the initial printing of programs. To reprint programs after they have been proofed, approved and printed the first time, students will be charged a $10 fee.

Equipment Scheduling
The Scheduling Office schedules the following types of equipment for performances and other activities:

• Pianos & harpsichords
• Tables
• Chairs
• Music stands
• Portable stereo equipment

The following services are provided by other offices located in the Performance Management Office:

• Keys and building access issues
• Locker Registration
• Ushering Sign-up (online)
• Building maintenance and damage reports
• Security issues

The Scheduling Office staff will be happy to answer questions related to these services or to direct you to the appropriate staff person to help you.