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CCM Summer Programs

CCM Summer Programs

Orff Schulwerk

Levels I, II and III

July 17-28, 2017

This approach to learning, developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, builds musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speaking, moving and improvising. Active music making is the core of this philosophy, supporting both conceptual learning and affective development of children. Children who regularly improvise and create their own music and movement are uniquely prepared to solve problems in many other contexts.

Level I teacher education course is open to teachers who have earned at least a bachelor's degree in music education as well as undergraduate seniors pursuing a degree in music education or music performance (previous Orff chapter workshop attendance is recommended).

Level II course is open to those who have completed an AOSA-approved Level I course.

Level III course is open to those who have completed an AOSA-approved Level II course.

You will develop and apply skills in: 

  • Singing, Expressive Speech, Movement
  • Orff Ensemble/Percussion
  • Improvisation/Composition, Recorder and Pedagogy

Through collaborative cooperation with the Cincinnati Children's Choir Summer Festival, there will be opportunities to work with children in the choir.

This is an American Orff-Schulwerk Association approved course.

Please note: enrollment for CCM Summer Programs is limited.