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CCM Summer Programs
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Programs Sponsored by CCM Summer Programs

The following programs are sponsored by CCM Summer Programs and are open to interested young talent from around the world (you do NOT need to be a CCM student to participate).

Composition/Commercial Music


Music Education




Other CCM Summer Events/Workshops

Some of the programs below may only be available for CCM students. Please visit these individual pages or contact the program's leader for more information.

Classical Guitar
CCM Classical Guitar Workshop
Contact: Clare Callahan

Harpsichord & Cello
Contact: Michael Unger

Great Wall Academy (China)

Contact: Kurt Sassmannshaus

Looking for opportunities for talented youngsters under 18?

Most of our programs are exclusively for college students 18 and older, though some programs will accept exceptionally talented high school students. However, any minor wishing to stay in on-campus housing must be accompanied by a chaperone. Please look at individual programs for age requirements.

We also highly recommend that you look into CCM's renowned, accredited Preparatory and Community Engagement Department.  They offer a wide range of activities in the summer, including several intensives in multiple disciplines specifically for high school students.

Contact: John Martin, Assistant Dean of Preparatory and Community Engagement