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Mark your calendars now for these can't-miss benefit events hosted by the Friends of CCM

CCM Moveable Feast
Logo for CCM's 2016 Moveable Feast.

CCM's Moveable Feast 2016

Friday, January 22 at 6:15 p.m.

Experience the unparalleled magic of CCM Village as you sample performances by our "stars of tomorrow." Create your own menu and timetable of artistic selections. Your ticket will help the Friends of CCM continue to support the hopes and dreams of CCM students through scholarships.

Performances may include: Jazz, Orchestra, Ariel Quartet, Musical Theatre, Dance, Drama, Opera, Choral Music, Steel Drum Band, Preparatory Department, Saxophone and Harpsichord, Piano, Backstage Tours, Electronic Media Tours, Lighting Demos and more. 

Musical Theatre Senior Showcase

Musical Theatre Senior Showcase

Thursday, March 17 at 7 p.m.

The Friends of CCM invite you to see our musical theatre stars of tomorrow in action at the 24th edition of the "Not Famous Yet" showcase featuring the Class of 2016 prior to their New York City debut. The annual CCM Musical Theatre Young Alumni Award will be presented prior to the showcase. 


A Look Back at Moveable Feast 2013

Cincinnati Art Galleries Benefit for CCM




Otto M. Budig Family Foundation

Jeff Thomas Catering


Trish & Rick Bryan

Keating, Muething & Klekamp P.L.L.

Rhonda & Larry Sheakley

Susan & David Eltringham

Florence & Ron Koetters

Dick Rosenthal & Kitty Strauss

Anne & Jim Shanahan


Susan & John Tew

Mary Ellen & Tom Cody

Gloria Giannestras

Drs. Lesley Gilbertson & William Hurford

Liz Grubow & Jerry Kathman

David C. Herriman

Bob Hockenberger

Karen & David Hoguet

Sandra & Stephen Joffe

Arlene & Bill Katz

Diana & Tom Klinedinst

MAC Productions

Patti Myers & Alan Flaherty

Jen & Jay Rueger

Ellen & Ray vander Horst

Lori & David Wellinghoff

John G. Avril

Buddy Roger’s Music

Al Campbell

Amy & Trey Devey

Freeman Durham & Dean Clevenger

Tim Giglio

Donna Sontag Grummich

Mark Haggard & Daniel Brown

Barbara & Jack Hahn

Peter Landgren & Judith Schonbach

Susan & Richard Lauf

Warren Liang & Fred Martens

Robbie & John Michelman*

Leo Munick & Alice Fegelman

Matt Nitzberg & Family

Vicky & Rick Reynolds

Carole & Edwin Rigaud

Drs. Jay & Janalee Rissover

Uptown Rental Properties

Barbara & Jay Wittenbaum

*Donation through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation


ArtsWave Young Professionals

Young Professionals' Choral Collective

Young Philanthropist Society

Attitude: Cincinnati Ballet Young Patrons



A preeminent institution for the performing and media arts, CCM is the largest single source of performing arts presentations in the state of Ohio.

All event dates and programs are subject to change. For a complete calendar of events, please visit us online at