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Student Giving

CCM After School

As CCM students, we value the arts. Whether you are an E-Media student, an opera singer, a horn player or a dancer, you hold the arts in a very special place in your heart. Through the ONECCM Student Giving Campaign, we now have an opportunity to come together to invest in the future of the arts and the Cincinnati community.

CCM After School, in collaboration with Whiz Kids, provides students at low-income elementary schools the opportunity to actively participate in the arts. This program allows CCM student leaders to travel directly to these schools, and give disadvantaged students the opportunity to experience instruments, singing, movement, art and spoken word.

The ONECCM Student Giving Campaign is a student-led initiative in support of CCM After School. Your gift of even one dollar, when combined with others uniting as “ONECCM,” can go a long way in affecting the lives of children and the future of the arts.

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To learn more about CCM After School, in collaboration with Whiz Kids, click here!