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The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

Academic Programs & Majors

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. Refer to the chart below for more information on the types of degrees offered by each program and click on the degree titles to view specific degree plans.

What is Acting?

Acting is a bachelor of fine arts program designed for the serious actor, one who wants to pursue a professional career and seeks a challenging conservatory environment that will provide opportunities to study, explore and refine technique through experiences in the classroom, on stage and in the world. Acting graduates pursue work in film, television, in media and on stage.

Successful actors possess talent, embrace life as their art, hunger for training and thrive in collaborative communities. Our approach is to offer rigorous performance training, with every actor always enrolled in acting, voice and movement classes. Therefore, successful applicants must have strong and healthy minds, bodies and voices. Actors who enjoy the most success in the program, and in the professional career that follows, have a passionate interest in acting, the spoken word, the written word, self-expression and self-investigation, ensemble work, and constant growth through committed effort.

Career Possibilities

Graduates of this major pursue many careers in the field of theatre and performance, including:

  • Theatre actors
  • Television actors
  • Film actors
  • Commercial actors
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Directors

Majoring in Acting

CCM ACTING- Program Overview

CCM Acting is as a comprehensive and rigorous actor-training program that provides students with creative performance opportunities in various media and styles that will prepare actors for careers in theatre, film, television, and the media arts. We create triple threats, students adept at creating work on stage, in the media arts, and in original devised work. Our vision is to create an academic and creative environment in which students learn important skills for the 21st century: research, rehearsal and performance techniques, flexibility, discipline, artistic kindness, and collaboration.

CCM Acting has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top Drama Programs in the U.S. and is home to world-renowned faculty who work from coast to coast and internationally as directors, fight choreographers, and voice, speech, and dialect coaches. Our rigorous acting curriculum includes intensive training in Viewpoints, Suzuki, Meisner, and Chekhov techniques. Students experience a dedicated voice production sequence that includes training in Alba Emoting, dialect and voice-over work. A dedicated movement sequence challenges students with courses in the Roth and Le Coq Techniques, Stage Combat, and Mask Characterization.

Students engage in comprehensive performance opportunities over four years, acting in full length scripted dramas as part of main stage and studio series, in student created devised theatre projects, and in various film, commercial, and media opportunities. CCM Acting is recognized for its excellence in community engagement with collaborations and student placement in projects with organizations such as Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, KNOW Theatre, Cincinnati Opera and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. A student in CCM Acting is in demand for his or her talents, with students frequently being cast in film and commercial projects while in school. Union membership in AEA and SAG-AFTRA is encouraged.

Actor Showcases in the final semester provide a bridge to the profession. Senior Showcases for all seniors are presented in New York and Los Angeles for agents, managers and casting directors. Students regularly engage with CCM Acting Department sponsored master classes with industry professionals from New York and Los Angeles and there is an active culture of students securing internships and acceptance into intensive trainings with prestigious companies and organizations around the world.

CCM Acting has a deep commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination. In CCM Acting we imagine the possibilities every day.

Minoring in Acting

A Minor in Acting is not offered.


UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

For a century and a half, the UC College-Conservatory of Music has been training young artists. The Department of Acting became part of CCM in 1983, and for the past two decades has been training actors who are now working in New York to Los Angeles and beyond, in theatre, television and film. Each year 18-20 young actors are chosen from around the country to study in our conservatory-style undergraduate training program, which grants the BFA in Acting. These talented young men and women begin their career training in Cincinnati, and for four years study together as an integrated ensemble in our exciting program.

Our actor training program is designed to prepare students for a life in the profession. CCM Acting produces young actors who are versatile, unique, imaginative and solidly grounded in technique. We train young actors in both the art and the craft of the profession -- actors who are fearless, confident and ready to meet the demands of life as an artist. We are serious in our mission and rigorous in our methods, and each year we eagerly welcome a select class of the most talented students from across the nation to study in our state-of-the art facilities.

Special Programs

Those accepted into the program will study with nationally recognized experts in:

  • Viewpoints Training -- The Viewpoints, developed by Anne Bogart, allows a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively and to generate bold theatrical work quickly. It develops flexibility, articulation and strength in movement and makes ensemble playing really possible.
  • The Stanislavski and Meisner Techniques -- For Meisner and Stanislavski acting was about reproducing honest emotional human reactions. Both explored approaches that were designed to eliminate all intellectuality from the actor's instrument and to make him/her a spontaneous responder to where he/she is, what is happening to him/her, what is being done to him/her.
  • The Michael Chekhov Technique -- Movement, atmosphere, concentration and intense ensemble work are essential tools for the building of a role and the birth of a production.
  • Fight Training -- Learn to be proficient as an actor in both armed and unarmed combat, with emphasis on rapier, dagger and quarterstaff, culminating in yearly skills testing by the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD).
  • Mask Characterization and Clown Work -- Create characters in full-face primitive masks, half-face character masks, quality masks and commedia masks and develop personal clowns.
  • Voice and Speech Training -- Unparalleled training at the undergraduate level: comprehensive training in vocal production, in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), heightened text, verse and scansion, Alba Emoting, dialects, and voice-over technique.

 Special real-world opportunities include:

  • Annual 48 Hour Film Festival participation is rquired of all actors in the program
  • Senior Showcases in Cincinnati, New York and Los Angeles -- We are one of a select few BFA programs in the nation presenting bi-coastal senior showcases, creating opportunities for actors to quickly sign and begin working closely with top industry professionals on both coasts.
  • Each year an amazing range of guest artists, actors, playwrights, teachers, casting directors, agents, managers and artistic directors visit CCM to work with our students. They inspire, challenge, enlighten, and in a very tangible way, offer the chance for students to begin to build real-world relationships.
  • Yearly participation in Transmigration: A Festival of Student Created New Works, a unique festival where students find their voices as creative artists responsible for all aspects of creating original work.

CCM is a comprehensive school of the arts. CCM is devoted not only to the professional training of actors, but also to students in the fields of dance, opera, musical theatre, theatre design and production, television, radio, audio production, all areas of music performance, music education, arts administration, jazz studies, music history, theory, and composition. Over 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students from 47 states and territories and 47 foreign countries attend CCM.

With superb facilities and a wide range of theatres -- including the 700-seat J. Ralph Corbett Auditorium, the 400-seat Patricia Corbett Theatre, and the 140-seat Cohen Family Studio Theatre -- CCM is the largest performing arts institution in Ohio, presenting almost 900 performances annually. CCM offers a high energy, conservatory style training in a center for performing arts of all kinds, enjoying all of the resources of a dynamic state university in a vibrant city.

Imagine the possibilities. It starts here.

Admission Requirements

For Admissions information and criteria please see the CCM Admissions website.

Graduation Requirements

Several months before graduation, each candidate for a degree must file a formal application for degree with the college office. If a student fails to properly complete this application process, the university will not be responsible for the student's graduation. A minimum of one year in residence as a full-time student is required of all students wishing to apply for any degree awarded by CCM.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. CCM's theatre department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) and holds membership in the University/Resident Theatre Association (U/RTA).